Walk of Shame


I’m Sara Duke and was invited to tell you a little bit about my line… A month ago, actually. And I have been thinking really hard about what to say ever since. I always get a little tripped up when people ask me what I do- I love every second of my work day and take so much pride and have so much fun doing my job. But, somehow just never know what to say beyond “I design clothes”.

So, I thought it might be neat to tell you where my head was at when I was working through the up coming Spring Fifteen collection. Although officially known as Sara Duke: Spring Fifteen”, unofficially it’s called “Sara Duke: Walk of Shame”.

It sounds crass, but what I mean is that the stuff in the collection can be put on Saturday morning for your lunch date, carry you through an afternoon of chores and a late evening of dancing and drinking. You can get home late and leave it in a pile on the floor. Then, on Sunday morning, when you’ve over slept and are running late for that baby shower or brunch with your grandma, you can just kind of pull it back on.

The intention behind everything is to keep you looking neat and tidy and put-together… even if you are not.

Hope you like it.

Sara D.


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  1. I always look forward to what you are working on and come up with!
    Really miss your store at Bloor and Lansdowne. Whenever I would come to Toronto to visit your store was always a place I would visit.

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