All Black Everything

Sometimes winter has us in a mood, and it seems only appropriate to dress to match. Luckily for us, it’s impossible to go wrong with black- it goes with everything, and is appropriate for pretty much any occasion. Our little black dress is always there for us, but there are a couple other pieces we couldn’t live without.

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A black hoodie is a major staple in our wardrobe- although a typically casual piece, it can be dressed up when paired over a silky romper with heels.

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The black hoodie is also a great piece for layering- we love the look of hoods hanging from underneath black leather jackets or silky bombers (not to mention the extra warmth that it adds is a major bonus).

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Black leggings are also a definite wardrobe staple- pretty sure everyone owns a pair of these!

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We love these particular leggings because the knee slit adds an extra bit of edge to any outfit, without sacrificing comfort. Pair it with this black turtleneck crop top (or white if you want to change things up!) for a simply chic look.

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We also have amazing fleece lined leggings for those who need that extra warmth in these chilly months.


Thanks to Serena Liu for the photos

Model: Sarah Luenga-Woo (Stray Model Management) 

Stylist: Bailey Kilburn


NYE 2017

New Years is a celebration of finally being done with the old and ringing in the new- for many it means a fresh start or maybe a new chapter in their life. Exciting!


There are aspects of New Years Eve that can be stressful though- where to go, what to wear, etc. are all important aspects of how the night will turn out.



But if we put aside the stress, we can see that NYE gives us the perfect excuse to dress up! There’s something about the sparkle, bubbly champagne, and promise of a new year that makes us want to look (and feel!) amazing. For some, this means silky off the shoulder tops, luxurious faux furs, and glitter eye shadow!


For many others, it’s important for comfort and style to collide on a night that may very well be filled with dancing until dawn- this is one of the many reasons we love these stretchy velvet leggings!


Another comfy and fun option is a silky bomber jacket with dramatic makeup and your favourite jeggings! We love this pale pink one, but we also have a classic black one for those who don’t stray far from their uniform colour.


Above all, NYE is about having fun with your best friends- even if that means being cozy on the couch in your favourite hoodie and sweatpants, snacking on chocolate til the clock strikes 12!


Happy New Year to you and yours!


Thanks to Insomniak Media for the photos

Style by Farminista 

Lady In Lace

We love this teal lace maxi dress– especially with such a lovely backdrop!


There`s nothing like the luxury of wearing a stunning dress while exploring a stunning city, such as Paris.


Although if travel is not in your near future, it`s a good thing Saskatoon is considered the Paris of the Prairies!


We even get to indulge in French desserts, such as the decadent macaron, thanks to the Little Bird Patisserie in Riversdale- the perfect place to spend an afternoon drinking tea and eating sweets while feeling fancy in your favourite dress.


One of the great things about this lace dress is that it comes in a multitude of colours– all of which are available in store at Tonic, or online at Farminista!


Thanks to Insomniak Media for the photos

More Maxis Please!


PSA: Maxi dresses are in- and they’re here to stay! Finding the right style can be challenging (especially when taking into consideration your height, shape, etc.) but these days there are so many different cuts to choose from, there’s something for everyone.


We did a fun photo shoot with our favourite floral maxi, which we adore for its feminine, vintage vibes (i.e. fabric covered buttons, tie up waist line, dreamy cherry blossom print).


Maxi dresses are probably so popular because they make us feel beautiful- there’s something about wearing a floor length dress, adorned with lace or floral prints, that can make you feel extra special.


Long sleeved maxis are a great option for winter fashion as well- you can hide some warm leggings underneath and no one will know  better. We also love finding a maxi dress that is not only flattering, but also incredibly comfortable!


We like to let this type of dress speak for itself, so we pair it with simple, elegant jewelry.


If you love the idea of a floral maxi dress, but long sleeves just aren’t for you, we also have some beautiful strappy style maxis.


Photos: Boehmer Photography 

Model: Keely Montgomery 

Styling: Farminista



Feeling The Fall


So I may be a little late to the party with this fall post, but lets reminisce about how wonderful those couple weeks of colourful leaves and sunshine are.

Nothing beats the feeling of finally slipping on your fall boots, and your favourite light jacket that can only be worn this time of year- chances are its your trusty green army coat.


The weather is in that perfect in between place- it’s brisk, but the sun is still warming your legs and shining in your eyes (I love a good vintage-inspired pair of sunnies!).


You can finally start wearing those long sleeved dresses, in deep fall colours like burgundy, mustard, and chestnut brown.


Go-to accessories like hats in neutral tones can be worn throughout summer and well into fall, when it’s still not cold out enough to pull out your toque.


In retrospect, fall fashion is my absolute favourite- I love layering up sweaters with comfortable leggings, soft scarves, and cozy wool socks in my boots!

Shop Farminista’s fall collection here.



Photographer: Alan Yuen of Insomniak Media

Model: Sienna Freistadt

Stylist/Wardrobe: Anh Pham / Tonic

Aurora Borealis: on The Prairies

The Aurora Borealis- also known as the Northern Lights- is one of nature’s most amazing displays of beauty. Almost everyone who lives on the prairies can recall seeing this amazing light show dancing in the sky whilst driving along the highway at night, or even dancing above our rooftops in the city.

Although the Northern Lights can be spotted year round, there is something extra special about watching them on a cold winter’s night. The farther North you go will also increase your chances of catching it- also, the darker the sky, the more vivid the colours.

Photograph by Dominic Chu
Photograph by Dominic Chu

If you are going to brave the cold and head out on your own Aurora Borealis adventure, don’t forget to dress for the weather. Layer up with leggings, thick socks, toques and mitts- one of our favorite layering pieces this season is the cape, which fits comfortably over top of any thick warm sweater.

Landscape Coat


If you are feeling inspired by the beautiful colours of the Northern Lights, dress to match! This tube scarf has a beautiful mountain-landscape like pattern with pops of light blue and pink.

Mountain Tube Scarf

Or, on your next night out, pay homage to the Northern Lights in this beautiful pastel coloured print dress.

Tree Flare Dress

The Northern Lights is just one of many little perks about living in Saskatchewan- truly the Land of the Living Skies.

Photograph by Brent Parkin
Photograph by Brent Parkin

Featured image at top of post from instagram: alijabos