A Pink Celebration: The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Wedding season is starting full throttle! Times of celebration, love, new relationships, community, and joyous gatherings fill my heart with much gladness!

092I love being able to witness two people coming together in the most unifying manner. Knowing that life together doesn’t actually mean it will be perfect, possibly the way we dreamed or fantasied it to be. But, it will be one of the most satisfying, enjoyable and cherished events in life. 091

When you are two becoming one, you open yourself up to experiences in life that cease to exist otherwise.

So to all you future brides out there… I hope and trust that as you experience preparations, anticipation, and the busyness of it all, you’ll be reminded you are giving yourself and allowing yourself to embark on one of lifes greatest unknown adventures!
Now past the little life talk…

Weddings! Dresses! Bridesmaids! Groom! And many other aspects! The decisions seem to never end.
Flowers are one of them for many weddings!

Which color scheme, how many, petite, rustic, bright, full and fragrant… The list really can go on for a while!  076 069 065
But the right dress, the right color and style of that dress – that seems to matter more; which in all fairness and reality, it should!

Being a past bride myself, I know that you want to feel beautiful, stunning, breath taking! You want to be the best looking one, along with, but slightly better looking than, the groom!

086Now after your mom finally finds the perfect `Mother of the Bride` dress, you must focus on your long time, trusted and loved friends – your bridesmaids!

088Because they are your dear-to-heart, trouble-making, late night, partying, wine and cheese dining gals… They must look ravishing. Illuminating you, as they stand beside you in your even more dominant and radiant gown!

081This creatively crafted fuchsia J.O.A. designed dress will do the trick!

The dress shines boldly with it`s vibrant color and unique straps!

Shop more of our collection at Farminista!

The Simple Bride

When my fiance and I decided to tie the knot this year… we decided on a simple “at home” private ceremony between us and our two children. It seemed silly to go out and buy a fancy big wedding dress… but I still wanted to look like a bride. I guess you could say that because this was a simple wedding… I needed a simple look.

I ventured out ALL over the city and tried to find a simple off-white dress.  I didn’t know what it needed to look like but I knew if I saw a certain type of dress, it would be “the one”.  I found a simple one, but thought it needed something to dress it up a bit.

The search continued for all the fun stuff like finding accessories and I thought of no other place other than FARMINISTA and TONIC.  I had had my eye on a this lace kimono weeks ago.. and thought it would look gorgeous for a wedding. Sure enough it worked perfect with my dress and the rest is history. It was easy finding earrings at Tonic/Farminista and I found the perfect pair that worked with an existing large pearl necklace I had.  I made my own flowers with greenery from Anthology…. which worked perfect with my dress choice.

Take a glimpse into my simple wedding look. Images by Boehmer Photography.

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Wedding Shower Blitz

A time to celebrate the beauty of a soon to-be bride! The Tonic girls and I worked together to create the perfect wedding shower for one of our own. The ideal mix of fabulous food, decorations, and company create the greatest shower experience.

Wedding Shower Shenanigans

The Farminista Garden Party Collection, has the perfect dress for any bridal shower!

Being a baker myself, my go-to contribution to most events are my signature mini cupcakes! Knowing that the Bride’s colour palate for her wedding included champagne, I challenged myself to create a champagne flavoring for the butter cream icing.

Champagne Butter-cream  The result was as yummy as ever! They tied into the expertly designed decor to help create an atmosphere of celebration, love and excitement that truly expresses all of the feelings of warmth and happiness that surrounds a soon-to-be bride.

Can we just talk about how beautiful this royal blue Dex dress is?! Designed in Canada, this simple, yet elegant cut of the dress is perfect for a shower, wedding, or fancy date.

Champagne Cupcakes

Back to cupcake bliss! I used  basic vanilla cupcake recipe I found on Pinterest. Click below to view the recipe I used!


Some important things to keep in mind when attempting to bake a vanilla cupcake is that vanilla cupcakes are less durable in comparison to my indestructible chocolate cupcakes. Typically when I bake chocolate cupcakes I grease the pan before I put the wrappers in, just to make it easier to pop them out after they are fully baked. With the vanilla darlings, I ended up burning my first batch because the grease burned to the pan, and destroyed the bottoms of my babies. Turning the heat down and prolonging the baking time saved my future vanilla batches. Considering I can whip up a dozen chocolate cupcakes in my sleep, I found this occasion the perfect time to hone into my creative side.

To make the butter cream icing taste like champagne I decided to boil the champagne on the stove top, in hopes of thickening it up and making it easier to blend into the mixture. I blended icing sugar into the stove top champagne concoction.

Champagne Butter Cream Icing:
2 cups butter
2 cups Crisco
5 cups powdered sugar 6 T pink champagne (or to taste)
2 T strawberry daquirri drink mixer
dash of Karo syrup

Potluck Party Food

The only thing that goes with great food, is great company! Seeing how the shower was for one of our very own, the occasion doubled as a mini reunion.

Tonic Love

Working with women you love and enjoy being around them makes my day at work worth it. We share a common bond through our love for fashion and making other women feel good about themselves in their clothes. The life lessons I have learned throughout my two years here at Tonic have made me a better person all around.



We wish the beautiful bride Kelsi and her new husband Garret a lifetime of happiness filled with love. Cheers! XOXO