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Hello there!  This is Kelsey, from The Farmer’s Daughter, here with something a bit different today.  The blonde beauty in these photos is my younger sister Jordyn!  We just returned from a girl’s road trip down the Oregon Coast, and can’t wait to share a few more outfit posts from our time down there.

Jordyn has a slightly retro/eclectic style, and fell in love with the Mare Dress at first sight!  It has such a fun shape, and is definitely perfect for a beach day.  The fabric is light and comfy, and it has the sweetest little anchor buttons as well!

Jordyn decided to go all out, and paired the dress with a pair of anchor earrings from the Anchor Boat Earring set, as well as a whimsical gold temporary tattoo.  So perfect!


Keep your eyes peeled for more posts from the Oregon coast coming soon!

Kelsey, The Farmer’s Daughter

Tulle and Chambray

tulle skirt_thefarmersdaughter-4-2

Nothing makes you feel like a princess quite like a tulle skirt.  Soft and feminine, with a bit of drama…it is sure to draw a bit of attention!

tulle skirt_thefarmersdaughter-15 tulle skirt_thefarmersdaughter-10-2 tulle skirt_thefarmersdaughter-3-2 tulle skirt_thefarmersdaughter-1-2

tulle skirt_thefarmersdaughter-12

tulle skirt_thefarmersdaughter-15-2

tulle skirt_thefarmersdaughter-17-2

tulle skirt_thefarmersdaughter-13-2

I decided to style this skirt over one of my favorite lace and chambray dresses, and the tulle definitely gave this dress such a fresh new look.  And when paired with a sweet pair of red flats, this outfit sure makes a statement!

I think the tulle skirt trend is just so much fun, and can definitely be dressed up or down.  Here’s to feeling like a ballerina whenever I wear it!

-Kelsey, The Farmer’s Daughter

hello spring!


Spring has arrived here on the West Coast, and trees bursting with blossoms are a common sight!  We are so lucky to have such mild, short winters (most of the time), and this year was no exception (although we might get another cold spell yet!).  The gorgeous blossoms shown here are from our apricot trees in our orchard.  They are so lovely!

Now, I love wearing florals, and think that Spring is an especially good time for them!  This Angelina dress is classy and unique, with a bold pattern that is tempered by the dark navy background.  I’m in love!  You don’t often find longer sleeves on Spring/Summer dresses either, which is another feature of this dress that I appreciate.  No need for a cardigan!

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 My apologies to the rest of Canada….I hope Spring finds you soon!

-Kelsey, the farmer’s daughter

Florals in Winter


December is upon us! Which means that tights must be worn with dresses, and coats are a necessity. These photos were taken on the coldest day we’ve had this Winter, and were taken in record time. I’m so in love with this reworked vintage dress, and can’t wait to wear it all year long.
I adore how feminine floral patterns are, but I love that this pattern is dark and slightly less loud than some patterns can be. It makes it so much easier to wear floral throughout Fall and Winter, and I feel like this dress will soon become a staple in my wardrobe. I added a pop of colour with a mustard cardigan, and then added more colour with a red statement coat. Layers are so essential for the cold weather!

(The Farmer’s Daughter)

Meet Kelsey, The Farmer’s Daughter.

I stumbled upon this delicious looking Instagram feed one morning and was hooked on The Farmers Daughter!

We were so thrilled when she featured our reworked vintage dresses on her last post!  Click here to take a look at her blog.

download (8)She has the most amazing recipes to try, I always feel inspired to cook after I read her blog.

download (1)downloadI love the way she wears this vintage dress with a pop of colour and a classic hairstyle.

Check out this Farminista Girl, she can garden and cook with an amazing sense of style!

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