A Secret in White




With sweater weather fading into the sunset and summer well on its way, I’m again on the hunt to attribute a glow to my still peachy-white frame.. (I like to think of it as ivory, actually 😉 )

Now if Ultra UV orange is your jam, then by all means, hit up the tanning beds!! However, I would like to propose an at least somewhat more natural solution:

The White On White (the second “white” meaning all things pale).




Contrary to the likes of Nicole Polizzi and the popular notion of needing to be tanned (while theres’s certainly nothing wrong with a sun-kissed look), I like to think that there’s an equally attractive means to adorning and embracing your fair-skinned bod. The key to this is choosing hues unique to your outer shell 🙂

Lately, I’m finding that my favourite pillar, by far, in achieving this is delicate shades of alabaster and white. It would be no lie to say that it’s sometimes a struggle to find a subtly sexual, yet classy and fresh way of baring more skin in the summer. In light of this, look no further than our friends Athena and Helen of Troy for an elegant take on working the white. While allowing you to show a little more of what makes your body divine, soft hues of white imply purity and gentleness (and of course wisdom, elegance, charm, and the like 😉 ).







So forget the UV’s this summer and reward your skin with the freedom to keep its own porcelain glow.

Embrace your epidermis 😉


P.S. Special thanks to Matt Lowden Photography 🙂



Radishes on Buttered Baguette

Radishes on Buttered Baguette

HEADERI recently moved to Vancouver from Saskatoon with my family. I was excited about the move, especially the weather – not too hot in the summer, not too cold in the winter. But, wouldn’t you know it, we are in the midst of a heat wave in Vancouver, and air conditioning isn’t a common thing in the condos or apartments here. Turning on the oven is the last thing I want to do in this weather. Thankfully, since Vancouver has amazing farmers’ markets and grocery stores, delicious, satisfying eats are easily made without overheating.

This morning at the market I grabbed some local radishes, peashoots and butter. I picked up a baguette on my way home and I was set. So ridiculously simple and oh, so delicious.


Radishes on Buttered Baguette

– a bunch or two of radishes, thinly sliced
– pea shoots or any micro greens
– baguette
– chilled salted butter
– fleur del sel and freshly ground pepper

The butter is key in this recipe. You want to thinly slice the butter, almost like it’s a cheese. The creaminess works so well with the peppery taste of the radishes. Smear a generous amount of butter on a slice of baguette, top with thinly sliced radishes, sprinkle with fleur de sel and pepper and garnish with pea shoots.


Sometimes the simplest things are best. Enjoy.


À Paris?

The sun is shining, here in the prairies, and so is the urge to leave work and the kids behind and embrace a summer abroad! Just kidding. I don’t have kids. Seriously though, am I the only one who is having trouble keeping the travel bug at bay as of late? I am finding this especially difficult, this season, as it seems every storefront is beckoning my name with a window display of European inspired trends. This may not be a bad thing, however… As they always say, if you can’t go to Paris, bring Paris to you 🙂

Girl in Drape Long Jacket
Drape Long Jacket – Click to Buy

One item that peaked my interest, this week, on Farminista, was this coy looking, tan coloured, wrap trench. Although one can only do so much to make home feel like a romantic European get-away, this piece did not disappoint when searching for that je ne sais quoi to spice up my wardrobe 🙂 This little baby has all the charms. With its sweet pinkish hue and gentle folds, this trench had me feeling like a café sippin Parisienne in minutes. As pictured above, this piece can definitely take on a formal appearance, as well as a more casual feeling, depending on how you choose to accessorize. It can easily be donned as the central focus of your daytime look and shifts seamlessly into the perfect throw over for a summer night out.

vintage inspired, heart shaped earrings in a tea cup
Vintage inspired, heart shaped earrings in a tea cup

So why not jazz things up a little? Whether your plan for the day involves “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe” and a stroll down the famous “Montmartre” or simply an evening on Broadway, this chique little item is sure to add some spice to your look 😉

À bientôt,


P.s. For extra spice…