Subtle Florals

This summer we have seen florals in many shapes, designs and colours. Yes they are beautiful, but wearing bright colourful florals on a daily basis can be too much for ones closet. Especially if you’re closet consists of blacks, whites and greys. If you still love your bright colours, but are looking for more of a subtle look, these dresses are perfect for you.




Wear it to your summer wedding, a business dinner, or just for a fun night out with the girls, you can wear either of these dresses for numerous summer outings.




This pink dress looks fabulous with a pair of light coloured heels, giving you that soft summer look. Simple is always better when accessorizing with this beautifully detailed dress. Pair it with a classic clutch, a simple diamond bracelet, and your outfit is complete.




For those who still can’t venture out of their black, grey, white and some more black wardrobe choices, florals can still be apart of your wardrobe to. This black leather floral dress is perfect for your style if you aren’t into bright bold or colourful colours.


Its classic, edgy look, allows you to be apart of the floral world without going too much outside of your comfort zone.




The light texture makes it perfect for the hot summer months to not over heat. This black dress is great for accessorizing when adding pops of colours. Whether you choose to go with red lipstick, or switching the black heels for some bold colourful heels. Your choices are endless with this black beauty.




Diamond buck wild.



This summer, I’ve been hanging out in the woods with a group of photographers from the South end of Calgary. Initially, when contemplating “actually doing this”, the goal was to live off as little as possible and make as much art as our fingers could bleed out, feeding almost solely on the company and driven Earth hunger of one another. With the exception of a few glances backward on the drive out – a promise to Calgary, my recent home – some sort of awkward parent – the nights and road ahead have beamed with a dry crackle and flame, silvery incandescence in the place of city lights.

Ha, actually I didn’t do any of that. That was a bit romantic though, hey?

“This summer, I found myself in the woods”.

“I was lost, but nature, our mother, birthed a bridge between body and self”.

(This is where I’d cue the Eddie Vedder and insert a passage from Into the Wild)




No, alas these images are not the child of an introspective walk in the woods.

However, for those of us who might be missing or craving some of those times, there was something a little bit transportive about going out on the lake, in this look, with a group of photographer friends from the South end of Calgary.







For the record, I think this kimono has been my favourite piece of poem to the body, this summer.




Photography by Matt Lowden.

Blanket details here.

a lace vest // part 2: styled with high waisted shorts

vestpart2-thefarmersdaughter-9Here is part 2 of styling this lovely lace vest!  In case you missed it, my dear friend Clara styled it with a maxi dress here.vestpart2-thefarmersdaughter-15vestpart2-thefarmersdaughter-23vestpart2-thefarmersdaughter-14vestpart2-thefarmersdaughter-27

I chose a more boho casual look, and styled the vest with high waisted mint shorts, a graphic tank top and gladiator sandals.  Definitely a more carefree, festival inspired look, and it goes to show how versatile this lace vest is!

That’s a wrap for our Oregon Coast road trip style posts.  In case you missed it, you can catch up on all of our posts here: Anchors Aweigh // A White Dress at Haystack Rock // a lace vest part 1: styled with a maxi dress.

Kelsey, The Farmer’s Daughter

a lace vest // part 1: styled with a maxi dress


Hello!  It’s Kelsey here with another gem from out Oregon Coast trip.  (In case you missed them, here are the first two posts from this series: Anchors Aweigh and White Lace at Haystack Rock(insert link).

I’d like to introduce my beautiful friend Clara!  She accompanied my sister and I on our road trip this May, and has the most adventurous spirit and killer style.  She’s also a wedding photographer, and you can see her work at Clara Cecilia Photography’s website.

Clara loves lace as much as I do, and chose to style this stunning fringed lace vest.  She layered it over a soft and romantic floral maxi dress, which added gorgeous texture to her outfit.  The details on this vest are so beautiful, and it’s versatility is amazing.


I’ll be styling this vest in a completely different way, so keep your eyes peeled for the next post!

Kelsey, The Farmer’s Daughter

Boheme in the City


Saskatoon may be cold for three-quarters of the year, but its magnificent beauty and wonderful people make up for it.  The seasons change and so do the trends but that doesn’t always mean updating your entire wardrobe at the beginning of every season.  Dressing for trends can be a bit of a chore but this seasons bohemian theme is relaxed and easy. One of the best parts of this collection is the versatility in all the styles. As you can see, this print comes in shorts, a romper, a shirt and even pants!



There’s something for every occasion with this Bohemian collection. Every piece can easily be dressed up with a summer wedge or dressed down with your favorite pair of sneakers. My friend Taylor wears the shirt with a soft subtle pink skirt for a more formal look that could be worn out for dinner at a classy restaurant or to a summer wedding. In contrast to her, Amy wears the shorts with a basic black t-shirt and the perfect floppy hat for a fantastic casual look you could wear everyday. Then Christine is rockin’ the romper with a head chain, the perfect outfit for a music festival. To change it up she adds the crochet sweater and the look becomes more casual, something you could wear on your next trip to the cabin. The possibilities are endless!

img_0755 img_0742

With these fun, versatile pieces you can make an outfit for any event going on this summer and you’ll feel like a free spirit in your charming city. We here at Tonic love our city and all the people in it <3 I mean look at this river?! And all the lilacs – I can’t even. The natural foliage and riverside views make any day feel like a gift that should be enjoyed with the people you love.

So go out and embrace your city with all whom you love! While looking fab and bohemian of course 😉


Something for Angels



Ever crave a look that channels your modest goddess while slippin the sexy vibes? Oh yes you do 😉

While the goal is always to feel our best, sometimes it’s hard to bridge the gap between obvious “sexywear” and a look we feel is a little more subtle. While I’ve said it before, the key to the equation is lace! This summer, I’ve become entranced with the elegant lace maxi. The epitome of “conceal to reveal”, lacy, bohemian maxis are stellar for asserting your right to be worshipped. Women are angel babes and we have this right. Exercise your divine rights, man.



While successfully elongating every inch of your luminous, goddess-like frame, ivory lace is the puurrrfect means for delivering notes of both sex appeal and tender, unapologetic femininity. These gals are the slow-pour, full-bodied brew of your closet 😉




When it comes down to it though, I think that the most important thing is feeling like the angel you are, and this one certainly did the job 🙂


_MAT3850Check out our Prairie Bohemian Collection for more of this look and and feel.