The Leather Look for Spring

Spring has begun advantageously!

Trees are budding, flowers are flooding the streets with color and the aroma of freshly cut grass fills the air. To say the least, this time of spring has been a relief compared to the constant dreariness of winter.



Now, where do you go from here?

You need to spice things up after being cooped inside month after month. Restrained from the natural intake of vitamin D and feeling the warmth of the sun rays.

What better way, then hitting the pavement in an edgy chic manner!



This faux leather, biker styled, vest is detailed excellently. With its diamond sewn pattern lapels and back panels, silver diagonal zipper closure and two silver  front zipper pockets.




Wear it with a flowy skater dress, converse and a cutting edge statement necklace!



You’ll be spring ready in no time!!


Buy Misu Waistcoat

MmMmm Florals!

girl wearing floral back pack and white beach sweater

Last Friday, my heart beat a little, scrap that, a lot faster when I opened the door to a freshly fallen layer of “the white stuff”…

Mother Nature at her prima donna best.

For our out of province fashionistas, the “flavours” of spring in Saskatchewan are about as varied as your choice in granite countertops. Ugh. Right? However, warmer weather does seem to be in the air… So here, on Farminista, we’re welcoming summer with a bouquet in hand 🙂

This time of year, feminine florals are the perfect way to spark your inner glow and snag that little “pick me up” that comes with the thought of summer!

Floral clothing and accessores
Top Floral items in our boutique

From full pieces to accessories, Farminista is stocked with florals and these lil cuties are gold!

However, if you’re a dreamer, like me, and maybe a bit of a rebel as well (just a bit :p) then you might want to be beach shopping in advance. Just sayin. This beach knit is über comfy and can also be worn, as pictured below, on warm days around the town. To add a little intrigue to this relaxed, yet polished, look, try a smokey eye and floral accessories to go with 🙂

girl wearing floral back pack and white beach sweater
Floral back pack and beach sweater

So don’t fret about the ever impending chance of snow – smiles are in blossom, for summer is the once in ten month jewel :p

Warm regards,


Spring Maxi: Two Ways

Yellow Clutch

Spring is in the air, here in the prairies, but if you’re anything like me, you may still need that little boost of excitement to get you through what’s left of winter’s reign. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, that’s where shopping comes in! Here, at Tonic, Farminista’s sister boutique in the heart of Sk, we’re putting winter behind us by stepping into some of our favourite light fabrics and fun, fresh prints in order to welcome the lightness of spirit that comes in hand with spring. SO it’s time to rebelliously don our favourite pair of loafers and daytime dresses to prepare for the sunny days ahead!


One of my favourite looks from this week, is this soft and versatile maxi dress! This cute little baby’s biggest asset is definitely its ability to be dressed up or down.  As pictured in the look above, adding a hat or printed scarf (or both!) is a fun way to give your look a more relaxed vibe while still maintaining the allure behind this lengthy, frame-enhancing piece.

striped maxi dress on girl
Accessories can change up your look.

For a more classic look, a pop of colour is the way to go! This clean-cut denim jacket, with carefully chosen accessories, is your best friend when aiming to jazz things up!

Yellow Clutch
Bright accessories add some “fun” to any outfit!
Yellow statement necklace
Yellow Makes A Statement!

This dress’ comfy fit is perfect for evenings spent in the studio, when painting or working on a print, and is easy for me to dress up quick when heading out, afterwards, for a night out on the town! Whether you’re catching your favourite band or spending the evening with friends at a cute local lounge, this little maxi will always have your back 😉

So join in the fun and don’t be shy! Spring is just around the corner…