Never Ending Summer

We love when summer drags on endlessly into fall.  The warm nights are dark and sweet.

The jackets come out to layer over summer dresses.

Prints and patterns are tamed down with neutrals.


The Endless Expanse.

The Endless Expanse.
Vast skies wrapped in colours
Speaking, changing, unafraid.
Raw emotion
Revealing the Artist’s tale
Masses one by one
Together cover the land
Blooming, swaying, unity.
Alive, flat, grand.
Far and wide
The eyes see
The lungs breathe
Unlimited space.
-Olivia Stephen

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“The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” -Psalm 19:1 (NASB)

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I grew up in the prairies & they will always hold a special place in my heart no matter where I live. There is a sense of belonging & acceptance attached to them for me, whenever I come back it’s as if I’ve never left. I’m thankful to have been raised in such a beautiful place.


Prairie Bohemian

It seems like I’ve had a women’s clothing store forever, always looking for the fun dresses or outfits to bring in that could boost the confidence of anyone.
Year after year we always sell out of the most colourful and interesting dresses, anything fun and flowing with a hint of adventure is a sought after item.
Our collection is filled with these Prairie Bohemian styles.
We sometimes wonder what makes our customers different from the rest of the country? Maybe it’s because people here in the middle of the prairies travel so much? or, because we have such long white winters with big fluffy parkas covering our favourite outfits, so we cling to colour and pattern.
So many of our favourite customers come back from business trips and exotic world travels to let us how many compliments they get when they are traveling in their “Tonic” outfit. It’s so fun to know prairie girls have a distinct style, we love fashion, but with a twist, we add our own touch to an outfit to complete it, it’s the desire to be unique, true to oneself, fighting cookie cutter fashion by sneaking vintage favourites into an outfit to make it special.
I’m so happy that before I moved to this big location that I had time in my vintage shop in a historic little house, it was filled with funky clothes, crazy shoes, and just a hint of raver fashion.
Working with vintage items is a passion, mixing and matching nostalgia, loving an item and making it work with any outfit is the challenge with the reward of being you, no one else will have your look!

Farminista Elegance

The Matilda Jacket available at Farminista online and in store at Tonic. This elegant lace piece is the best way to class up that little black dress or dress down with jeans. Featuring an invisible hook closure and pale pink lining. Its the type of jacket you won’t want to take off at your next event, meeting or country outing.

Make a statement and turn some heads with this gorgeous gold sequin mesh maxi skirt and a kami lace short strap dress. Add some edge to your outfit by pairing with some ankle boots.

All images by Lisa Landrie – A Photogenic Life

Model & Photo Edits – Tammy (Boehmer Photography)





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