5 tips for the best girls weekend | Edmonton

How many hours do you spend thinking about all of the amazing things you could do with your BFF if only you had a weekend alone with her? I know those thoughts can be very overwhelming for me because I want to fit in a million things in less than 48 hours. So here is a little from what I have learned over the years of weekends away with my BFF…

1. Get Pampered. It is so fun to get all dressed up and hit the town, but taking it the extra step and having a professional do your make up really makes you feel like a princess. We had the girls from True Beauty Makeup get us all spiffied up!


2. Wear things you wish you could get away with but most likely won’t unless you have a partner in crime – like wearing a TUTU!! These adorable skirts are from Farminista.com – and I refuse to take mine off.



3. Have coffee breaks. Its so important to take time to just sit and enjoy each others company, even if you’re ignoring each other and checking your phone the entire time… kidding!



Decadent chocolate from Jacek – omnom!!

4. Stuff your face with pizza! Nobody likes a grumpy gus, and the best way to avoid the grump is to keep your blood sugar regular 😀 This tasty pizza was from Rosso – they use local, organic ingredients, yay!


5. Book a hotel room with a view and drink champagne. This one is really key. After a long day of shopping you’re going to want to put your feet up, and I truly believe that feeling like the queen of the city is only possible if you’re staring out a large window overlooking the city while sipping bubbles.



Here’s our outfit inspiration from Tonic and Farminista:


Portrina, A Local Girl With Big Dreams.

floral coat

party skirt worn with a statement necklaceMeet blogger Portrina Powder, her  blog is Peejsicle.

She was sooo much fun on our little photo shoot, it was a freezing cold, snowy afternoon, but we were living the tropical dream in the indoor gardens of the Mendal Art Gallery, we had the award winning photographer Gina, from Gina’s Portraits to snap our spring fashion inspiration.

bold necklace and braceletsblogger Peejsicle in a party skirtPurfume bottle pursePortrina loves fashion and is not afraid to try new things, she rocked everything we threw at her, she follows a lot of fashion blogs for inspiration and was excited to try out all of our full skirts and fun accessories. (Find them here, click to see 0ur new arrivals

pink cropped jacketparty skirt with a cropped dex jacketWe love how this simple black top and white full skirt can be transformed by just a jacket or coat, and a great necklace.

floral coatwhite party skirtsummer fashion trends

Dress Me Up!


We suffer from long winters, hiding inside to keep warm.  There is a certain point when we realize there is still a few more months of this weather and the rest of the continent is already feeling the spring sunshine.  These are the moments we “pretend” it is just not cold! It’s finally time to put on something fun and fancy and enjoy life again, no matter how much snow we have to run through!

unnamed (1)


A little tulle and something with sparkle will put a smile on your face and make winter tolerable!


We love any kind of fur coat, especially a shaggy fur coat.

tulleskirtunnamed (2)

Make sure to add a few fun accessories to your party look.  Big diamonds, pearls and anything pink will do.

unnamed (7)

Now go dress up and have a great day, no matter what time of year it is!

unnamed (3)