Winter Glam


These girls are used to freezing in the snow to get the perfect picture.   They are from Mes Amis studio and do what it takes to make their clients happy, little did we know they like to have fun posing in front of the camera as well!

LuxeThe best fashion advice in this kind of climate is always to over dress, not only does it make you “pop” in a white environment, but it’s also practical as it keeps you warm.  Dresses can be worn with leggings or thick tights and boots.  Palazzo pant rompers are perfect for a winter wedding when paired with the right heels and a warm hat. Accessories make a huge impact and add a little extra sparkle just like the snow.  Our Luxe Collection was created to make you feel special and oh so luxurious, a little sparkle, fur and leather are the beginning.  They are the base we start with to create a glamorous look that helps make the long winter fly by!

Oh, by the way, these lovely ladies happen to have a few kiddos tucked warmly inside watching their mom’s play in the snow.