A Word On Retrospectives


Timidly, I am choosing the limbs and breastbone of one,


A man who isn’t much for spoken words,


But whose touch resounds on me


With the impact of Halley’s,






A whisper into the ground.


These images mark the end of a season and the beginning of a very new period in my life. Late this past summer, I chose to try joining the journey I’m on with that of someone else and I’m learning that this kind of thing – a relationship – is intricate and case-specific.


Men with short beards, softer sides and hearts that are a rich basin of complexity. This has been my jam for years and the variety of men like this with whom I’ve crossed paths have helped to teach me lessons each in their own turn. However, what I’m learning now is that, despite a wealth of lessons that develop later on into wisdom, relationships can’t be tamed and constrained by algorithms and lessons learned.



My dad said recently of relationships: “[he doesn’t] think that anything is natural or normal”. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this statement came up during a time when I was having difficulty establishing some sort of standard to which to compare my relationship. Since mulling on the truth of my dad’s words, I’ve been learning that generalities and norms won’t bridge the risk or heal the uncertainties that come with caring deeply for another person. The more familiarized I become with the beautiful and simultaneous contradictions that make up the man with whom I spend my time, the more I realize that there isn’t any reason for applying these general rules where close observation is merited. My boyfriend does things differently from me, and the more I learn his language, the more I’m able to recognize and feel the depth of his caring towards me.

Timidly, I am choosing the limbs and breastbone of one, a man who isn’t much for spoken words, but whose touch resounds on me with the impact of Halley’s, falling, landing, a whisper into the ground.










Photography by Matt Lowden

Boheme in the City


Saskatoon may be cold for three-quarters of the year, but its magnificent beauty and wonderful people make up for it.  The seasons change and so do the trends but that doesn’t always mean updating your entire wardrobe at the beginning of every season.  Dressing for trends can be a bit of a chore but this seasons bohemian theme is relaxed and easy. One of the best parts of this collection is the versatility in all the styles. As you can see, this print comes in shorts, a romper, a shirt and even pants!



There’s something for every occasion with this Bohemian collection. Every piece can easily be dressed up with a summer wedge or dressed down with your favorite pair of sneakers. My friend Taylor wears the shirt with a soft subtle pink skirt for a more formal look that could be worn out for dinner at a classy restaurant or to a summer wedding. In contrast to her, Amy wears the shorts with a basic black t-shirt and the perfect floppy hat for a fantastic casual look you could wear everyday. Then Christine is rockin’ the romper with a head chain, the perfect outfit for a music festival. To change it up she adds the crochet sweater and the look becomes more casual, something you could wear on your next trip to the cabin. The possibilities are endless!

img_0755 img_0742

With these fun, versatile pieces you can make an outfit for any event going on this summer and you’ll feel like a free spirit in your charming city. We here at Tonic love our city and all the people in it <3 I mean look at this river?! And all the lilacs – I can’t even. The natural foliage and riverside views make any day feel like a gift that should be enjoyed with the people you love.

So go out and embrace your city with all whom you love! While looking fab and bohemian of course 😉


V-Day Gift Ideas!

So we all know what time of year it is… Yes it’s winter, and yes winter gets drawn out rather long of all the seasons that we would love to have. BUT! Winter means February, and February means Valentines Day! Now, no, we don’t need a specific day to show our love and affection to the ones we do love and cherish in our lives; However, why not?!


Some people choose to spend this day with either a husband/wife, boy/girl-friend, best friends, or even a widowed grandparent! Just because it’s the ‘Day of Love‘ doesn’t mean you have to have a ‘significant other‘ to share it with. We can have so many different people in our lives who we hold dear to our hearts, and as long as we’re spending the day with someone special to us, the day is made!

Whether your the person to give or receive gifts, that I don’t know. What I do know is that being on either side, especially when it’s for a special someone, is exciting and fun. Trying to pick out the right ‘You’re my Best Friend‘ piece, or ‘I Love You‘ jewelry. Even if it’s a simple ‘I Like You‘, ‘I Care About You‘, or ‘Here’s a Little Something‘! Gifts are so much fun, and we’ve got some great ideas for you. To help you say what you want to say and brighten whoever the special person is in your life for V-Day!

Necklace Ideas:


Cup Ideas:


Tattoo Ideas:


Accessory Ideas:



Sock Ideas:




Essential Ideas:



 Happy V-Day Gifting! 

But Most importantly, remember to spend the day with someone…

Anyone… Who you love and hold dear to your heart! 

Wedding Shower Blitz

A time to celebrate the beauty of a soon to-be bride! The Tonic girls and I worked together to create the perfect wedding shower for one of our own. The ideal mix of fabulous food, decorations, and company create the greatest shower experience.

Wedding Shower Shenanigans

The Farminista Garden Party Collection, has the perfect dress for any bridal shower!

Being a baker myself, my go-to contribution to most events are my signature mini cupcakes! Knowing that the Bride’s colour palate for her wedding included champagne, I challenged myself to create a champagne flavoring for the butter cream icing.

Champagne Butter-cream  The result was as yummy as ever! They tied into the expertly designed decor to help create an atmosphere of celebration, love and excitement that truly expresses all of the feelings of warmth and happiness that surrounds a soon-to-be bride.

Can we just talk about how beautiful this royal blue Dex dress is?! Designed in Canada, this simple, yet elegant cut of the dress is perfect for a shower, wedding, or fancy date.

Champagne Cupcakes

Back to cupcake bliss! I used  basic vanilla cupcake recipe I found on Pinterest. Click below to view the recipe I used!


Some important things to keep in mind when attempting to bake a vanilla cupcake is that vanilla cupcakes are less durable in comparison to my indestructible chocolate cupcakes. Typically when I bake chocolate cupcakes I grease the pan before I put the wrappers in, just to make it easier to pop them out after they are fully baked. With the vanilla darlings, I ended up burning my first batch because the grease burned to the pan, and destroyed the bottoms of my babies. Turning the heat down and prolonging the baking time saved my future vanilla batches. Considering I can whip up a dozen chocolate cupcakes in my sleep, I found this occasion the perfect time to hone into my creative side.

To make the butter cream icing taste like champagne I decided to boil the champagne on the stove top, in hopes of thickening it up and making it easier to blend into the mixture. I blended icing sugar into the stove top champagne concoction.

Champagne Butter Cream Icing:
2 cups butter
2 cups Crisco
5 cups powdered sugar 6 T pink champagne (or to taste)
2 T strawberry daquirri drink mixer
dash of Karo syrup

Potluck Party Food

The only thing that goes with great food, is great company! Seeing how the shower was for one of our very own, the occasion doubled as a mini reunion.

Tonic Love

Working with women you love and enjoy being around them makes my day at work worth it. We share a common bond through our love for fashion and making other women feel good about themselves in their clothes. The life lessons I have learned throughout my two years here at Tonic have made me a better person all around.



We wish the beautiful bride Kelsi and her new husband Garret a lifetime of happiness filled with love. Cheers! XOXO