On pursuing yourself.


As I’m sure any of you can relate to, I find that no matter how many times I free up my inhibitions to have my photo taken in public, I’m always still a little bit intimidated at the number of people who will stop to peek at the girl making funny poses, or so I presume. While this doesn’t sound like a very big deal (and really, it isn’t), it does make me wonder about the way we react, in general, to being observed vs. the way other people observe us. .


I’m sure we’ve all been there – at a show or concert watching some cutie on stage, completely in his or her element, charismatically doling out chords. In instances like this, I’ll often find myself mesmerized by the experience of watching strangers exercise their passions – an intimate experience rarely had with someone I don’t know personally.

In fact, I’ve found that whenever I’m most in my element – most myself – is when I’ve felt the most appreciated.



I’ve found that if I try to keep this in mind, it helps me to relax into a sort of exchange with the people who stop to watch the action. I feel as though most of what we perceive, in life, to be potential judgements on us are actually just mere curiosities. I really do think there’s something to the statement “we’re our own worst critic”. And I guess that’s one of the nicer aspects of getting older – allowing personal insecurities to meld and transform into strengths to be indulged in, by both ourselves and others.


And, as always, this can be applied to what we wear. I feel so fortunate to live in an age and on a continent where freedom of expression is possible, where women can choose to adorn ourselves in a way that speaks to our souls. Stepping out of our comfort zones and into looks or behaviours that make us feel at home in ourselves, instead of clothed in insecurities, can be just as intimidating as the judgment we fear, but is So worth the risk.

While people often begin their new resolutions in January, I don’t think there’s ever a wrong time to learn to gently pursue ourselves.









This fall, work and relaxation go hand in hand and we couldn’t be happier.

Who dreams of going from the hustle and bustle of work to the comfy relaxation of home without changing a single thing about their outfit? We sure do, and this fall we’re in luck because this season’s style is all about comfort. Over sized knits, turtlenecks, sweater dresses and faux leather and fur are the answer to your dreams. Style your comfy outfit with a trendy bib necklace or a dainty inspirational pendant necklace.

The items below should give you a motivational spark to be able to put together an amazing, comfortable, trendy outfit with your own personal touch added.



Pair this sweater with leggings or tights and a fancy flat or heel to dress it up for work, when you get home, take off your shoes and your ready for a night in.

Pair these faux leather pants with a button down shirt or a long tunic for a high fashion look with the comfort of the extremely stretchy material that can trick you into thinking you are wearing leggings.

Rebecca King – Raglan Pullover

I <3 Tyler Madison – Kelly Cropped Pants 


This waistcoat is great for those air conditioned offices as it will keep you cozy and warm and you will still be looking sharp, put a basic black long sleeve underneath for a more dressed up look. The cut off sleeves of this waistcoat make it the great transition from the air conditioned office to wandering the town on a warmer day, or cuddling up on the couch after a long day.

ONLY – Bonnie Fur Waistcoat 

Parker Bag 

AKA – Druzy Bracelet

Clair Ashley – Quote Pendant Necklace 

600x800 Ultimate Dress

Classy and comfortable, if you wanna dress up your comfort this is the outfit for you. Movable and comfortable yet ready to get down to business. Go from work to play without changing a single thing.

Pink Martini – Ultimate Dress 


600x800 Bed & Breakfast Sweater

Put a classic white collared shirt under this sweater for a sharp professional look, take off your collared shirt at the end of the day and go lounge on the deck and enjoy your day while being as comfortable as can be.

Pink Martini – Bed and Breakfast Sweater