A Secret in White




With sweater weather fading into the sunset and summer well on its way, I’m again on the hunt to attribute a glow to my still peachy-white frame.. (I like to think of it as ivory, actually 😉 )

Now if Ultra UV orange is your jam, then by all means, hit up the tanning beds!! However, I would like to propose an at least somewhat more natural solution:

The White On White (the second “white” meaning all things pale).




Contrary to the likes of Nicole Polizzi and the popular notion of needing to be tanned (while theres’s certainly nothing wrong with a sun-kissed look), I like to think that there’s an equally attractive means to adorning and embracing your fair-skinned bod. The key to this is choosing hues unique to your outer shell 🙂

Lately, I’m finding that my favourite pillar, by far, in achieving this is delicate shades of alabaster and white. It would be no lie to say that it’s sometimes a struggle to find a subtly sexual, yet classy and fresh way of baring more skin in the summer. In light of this, look no further than our friends Athena and Helen of Troy for an elegant take on working the white. While allowing you to show a little more of what makes your body divine, soft hues of white imply purity and gentleness (and of course wisdom, elegance, charm, and the like 😉 ).







So forget the UV’s this summer and reward your skin with the freedom to keep its own porcelain glow.

Embrace your epidermis 😉


P.S. Special thanks to Matt Lowden Photography 🙂



The Princess Shop

Hey! Have you heard about the Princess Shop!?

The Princess Shop creates an enhanced graduation experience for female students in need. Providing them with mentorship, support, and the tools to pursue success after graduating!


A portion of every dress sold  will be donated to the Princess Shop from March 25th – April 15th.

10569002_786738434715552_7251047147911877835_nYou can also donate your gently used grad dress in support. Just bring it in to Tonic, and we will gladly pass it along to The Princess Shop!

11013121_889529887769739_4678827662122489025_n2015 is the 8th Annual Glass Slipper Benefit on April 15th. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets!

The Princess Shop’s annual fundraising event celebrates the current year’s Princess Graduates. It is an opportunity for the community to gain a glimpse into the impact The Princess Shop makes in Saskatoon and throughout Saskatchewan!


Show your Glass Slipper ticket (conformation) at any Tonic location and receive 10% off your dress for the event! 

Can’t make it in to Tonic? Shop at our online store: www.farminista.com using the code ‘slipper’!


Want to donate or start a program like this in your city? Contact Karen Robson, Executive Director at:

E – info@theprincessshop.ca.

P – (306).222.3311

 Help others experience the thrill and excitement of going to graduation as a princess!