Saucy little Christmas!




Well there’s nothing like a good little scandal! (“What?!”, you may be thinking. “Scandal at Christmas? Oh my!”). Now of course I don’t mean anything serious, or even as naughty as “Santa Baby” by Marilyn the sass goddess, herself. No, alas, I do not write gossip columns. However, when it comes to fashion, I do like to get a little cheeky, as I’m sure many of you reading do as well 😉

I was recently intrigued by the phrase “lace speaks of purity and sexuality [oh dear!], it reveals and conceals, it is humble, yet gluttonous in its ornamental overindulgence” (April Dauscha). This is certainly the case with this saucy little number below! This sweet, yet sultry, lace tunic from Farminista will make everyone blush and is the perfect way to treat your inner Marylin this season!





And you certainly don’t have to stop there! These tasty bakings from the gals at Crave (gluten-free available! Oh yes) are a fabulous means to treat your inner diva 😉 And your little divas if you have! Furthermore, treat your own economy – *sigh* yes, yes, I know, but really! – by giving your local bakeries and boutiques some love! 🙂




And for all those dreaded Christmas parties (which, of course, we don’t all secretly enjoy – like spreading the wine and giggles with friends and colleagues – just the worst!) you can set your formal cravings at ease 🙂 This lovely, little, backless cocktail has just the right amount of sophistication and sass! Uhm yum.










No matter how you choose to engage in some savoury consumerism, this season, though, don’t do it alone! (That’s right! Bring your friends!!!!) But really, more than anything, Christmas is a time meant to be wrapped in the smiles and arms of those we love most 🙂

Besides, who doesn’t love a partner in crime when throwing back the tasty bakes we’ve denied ourselves all year? :p

Ok, maybe I’m not kidding anyone haha

Either way, spend wisely this Christmas and treat both yourself and your loved ones to goods that bring smiles and loosen your sparkle! No matter sassy or sweet 🙂