Wedding Shower Blitz

A time to celebrate the beauty of a soon to-be bride! The Tonic girls and I worked together to create the perfect wedding shower for one of our own. The ideal mix of fabulous food, decorations, and company create the greatest shower experience.

Wedding Shower Shenanigans

The Farminista Garden Party Collection, has the perfect dress for any bridal shower!

Being a baker myself, my go-to contribution to most events are my signature mini cupcakes! Knowing that the Bride’s colour palate for her wedding included champagne, I challenged myself to create a champagne flavoring for the butter cream icing.

Champagne Butter-cream  The result was as yummy as ever! They tied into the expertly designed decor to help create an atmosphere of celebration, love and excitement that truly expresses all of the feelings of warmth and happiness that surrounds a soon-to-be bride.

Can we just talk about how beautiful this royal blue Dex dress is?! Designed in Canada, this simple, yet elegant cut of the dress is perfect for a shower, wedding, or fancy date.

Champagne Cupcakes

Back to cupcake bliss! I used  basic vanilla cupcake recipe I found on Pinterest. Click below to view the recipe I used!

Some important things to keep in mind when attempting to bake a vanilla cupcake is that vanilla cupcakes are less durable in comparison to my indestructible chocolate cupcakes. Typically when I bake chocolate cupcakes I grease the pan before I put the wrappers in, just to make it easier to pop them out after they are fully baked. With the vanilla darlings, I ended up burning my first batch because the grease burned to the pan, and destroyed the bottoms of my babies. Turning the heat down and prolonging the baking time saved my future vanilla batches. Considering I can whip up a dozen chocolate cupcakes in my sleep, I found this occasion the perfect time to hone into my creative side.

To make the butter cream icing taste like champagne I decided to boil the champagne on the stove top, in hopes of thickening it up and making it easier to blend into the mixture. I blended icing sugar into the stove top champagne concoction.

Champagne Butter Cream Icing:
2 cups butter
2 cups Crisco
5 cups powdered sugar 6 T pink champagne (or to taste)
2 T strawberry daquirri drink mixer
dash of Karo syrup

Potluck Party Food

The only thing that goes with great food, is great company! Seeing how the shower was for one of our very own, the occasion doubled as a mini reunion.

Tonic Love

Working with women you love and enjoy being around them makes my day at work worth it. We share a common bond through our love for fashion and making other women feel good about themselves in their clothes. The life lessons I have learned throughout my two years here at Tonic have made me a better person all around.



We wish the beautiful bride Kelsi and her new husband Garret a lifetime of happiness filled with love. Cheers! XOXO

Sisterly Love

McQueen Girls Tonic Shoot Spring '14
McQueen Girls Tonic Shoot Spring ’14

To me, a sister is a gift. An instant best friend, and long time support system. Throughout our childhood we spent most of our time together being creative and exploring fashion through such television shows as “What Not To Wear.” Our fashion interest grew as we entered our teens. From sharing a closet and bedroom, to being co-workers at Tonic, we have learned the art of getting along. Our love for assisting costumers, and being around people has made our experience in retail fabulous. The excitement of opening new boxes of products and being the first ones to model new merchandise is really a form of art. Modeling in Tonic shoots has become a creative outlet for us, as well as a bonding experience. I am thankful to have a built-in “second opinion” glued to my hip, that will tell it to me straight.

McQueen girls in the kitchen.
McQueen girls in the kitchen.

Lately, our adventures together are found  in the kitchen, and have to do with our great-grandmother’s chocolate cake recipe. With my love for baking, and my sister’s creativity, we make a deadly duo in the cupcake league. Balancing beauty and taste we aim to create new butter cream flavours that are as pleasant to the palate as they are on the eyes.

Vanilla and Peppermint Butter Cream Chocolate Cupcakes
Vanilla and Peppermint Butter Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

A sister truly is the greatest gift.

Farminista photo shoot, most items available in the online boutique.