Winter mystique: the ornamental knit.



Thick mitts cocooning already numb fingertips, red noses, an early morning marathon between you and the prairie wind to avoid even one second more in the wintery, “great outdoors” – yeah.. that’s February.

Do you dare to keep reading? haha

Alas, fear not – March is close at hand and so is nicer imagery!


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Am I right though, that it’s sometimes tough to equate the bleaker months of the Canadian experience with an atmosphere ringing of mystique? While my spools won’t craft me a breathing Casanova, I couldn’t help but find an unlikely charisma in this richly patterned, bohemian knit.

Crowned in texture from neck to hem, this stunning, ornamental cloak entices warmer days and, best of all, can still be donned when these arrive. While, for obvious reasons, I have slipped on a silky pair of tights in the images above, feel free to take this look outdoors, when the time arrives, by pairing it with a mode pair of heels and your favourite LBD 😉




There is really no need to wait until the arrival of green grass and shirtless men with washboard abs, parading on longboards to turn up the heat – I think we’ve got this one covered 😉




A look that demands to be noticed: your look.



“G.L.A.M…” Those of you who were also raised on the sweet sounds of the early 2000’s can likely already hear the Fergie. While I can say, albeit with a little nostalgia, that my taste in music has advanced somewhat since then, I have more or less stayed true to a certain inclination I’ve always felt towards richly detailed and luxurious looking fashion. This, for me, has long been a fitting means of externalizing my passions both dark and dream-like, sensual and ethereal. While dabbling, like all angsty teens, in a lot of the trends and moods portrayed by my friends, I eventually learned that finding your way to “do you” on the outside is loads more convincing, compelling, and gratifying than chasing a look that doesn’t feel your own.

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Glam in the home.





Finding out what’s “you”:

One phrase that often pains me to here is “I love it…” or “it’s beautiful… but I could never pull that off”.




You can pull off whatever the heck you DESIRE to pull off and that’s where it ends.

The best way to discover what works for you is to allow yourself to try things that attract you, even and especially, when you feel it’s something a little more eye catching than what you may be used to. It’s often through nudging ourselves outside of our usual that we are able to find our greatest loves. And hey, if the mini was beckoning you sweetly, but didn’t do it for you in the end – totally fine – there are plenty of pencil skirts to be found! Point is: attractiveness comes from a confidence in your person and in the way you’ve chosen to present yourself, not from how high or low your outfit ranks on the scale of fashion bravery or how well you conform to what someone else thinks is “hot”.


Glam in the loo.




Honing glam at the lodge.



For me, glamorous onesies and bohemian… well actually all things bohemian.. are how I choose to express my inner mystery, but if the boyfriend jeans are more your thing, then just do you, and do it lots – the only way to truly look confident is to relentlessly love and express who you are.


So what makes you feel glamorous?




Saucy little Christmas!




Well there’s nothing like a good little scandal! (“What?!”, you may be thinking. “Scandal at Christmas? Oh my!”). Now of course I don’t mean anything serious, or even as naughty as “Santa Baby” by Marilyn the sass goddess, herself. No, alas, I do not write gossip columns. However, when it comes to fashion, I do like to get a little cheeky, as I’m sure many of you reading do as well 😉

I was recently intrigued by the phrase “lace speaks of purity and sexuality [oh dear!], it reveals and conceals, it is humble, yet gluttonous in its ornamental overindulgence” (April Dauscha). This is certainly the case with this saucy little number below! This sweet, yet sultry, lace tunic from Farminista will make everyone blush and is the perfect way to treat your inner Marylin this season!





And you certainly don’t have to stop there! These tasty bakings from the gals at Crave (gluten-free available! Oh yes) are a fabulous means to treat your inner diva 😉 And your little divas if you have! Furthermore, treat your own economy – *sigh* yes, yes, I know, but really! – by giving your local bakeries and boutiques some love! 🙂




And for all those dreaded Christmas parties (which, of course, we don’t all secretly enjoy – like spreading the wine and giggles with friends and colleagues – just the worst!) you can set your formal cravings at ease 🙂 This lovely, little, backless cocktail has just the right amount of sophistication and sass! Uhm yum.










No matter how you choose to engage in some savoury consumerism, this season, though, don’t do it alone! (That’s right! Bring your friends!!!!) But really, more than anything, Christmas is a time meant to be wrapped in the smiles and arms of those we love most 🙂

Besides, who doesn’t love a partner in crime when throwing back the tasty bakes we’ve denied ourselves all year? :p

Ok, maybe I’m not kidding anyone haha

Either way, spend wisely this Christmas and treat both yourself and your loved ones to goods that bring smiles and loosen your sparkle! No matter sassy or sweet 🙂



Dressing it up “à l’homme”

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Ever been tempted to snoop through your man’s closet and see what’s up in the world of beards and khakis? Haha, ok, well maybe you haven’t, but, either way, now’s your chance… As of late, fashionable androgyny has been making its mark in my closet and is often the perfect ingredient for adding a degree of unpredictability to an otherwise tame ensemble. While there is something to be said for looking “pretty”, experimenting with traditionally masculine styles, to enhance the contrast of your look, rarely falls short of the best way to break the rules 😉


Crochet pencil-skirt and turquoise necklace available at
Crochet pencil-skirt and turquoise necklace available at

Because who’s not a fan of mixing things up?! Ok, only like half of society, I suppose. Nonetheless, I speak not in defense of conformity or all that jazz *cough cough* fashion nonsense we were taught to appreciate as kids. In this look, I have taken a white, crochet skirt (available on Farminista-here) and turquoise necklace, pairing them with a white men’s button-up (stolen, in actuality, from my sister’s closet), which I have knotted at the waist. While the skirt and accessories possess a more gentle appearance, adding menswear to the mix was an effortless means of  introducing a bold edge to this slightly audacious look 😉

So don’t feel as though you’re confined to a certain way of dressing, simply for the sake of tradition, be it gender related or merely the pressure to stick to old ways. Sometimes the best way to “get free” is to try something a little bit different 🙂