Happy Lunar New Year, Red Dress Shopping

We had the cutest customer in the shop yesterday, looking for a red dress to wear to her Chinese New Year celebration.  She was telling us all about her families expectations for her and how she was reluctant to follow their traditions.  Yet, there she was, going out of her way to hunt for the perfect dress.  She may have pushed the boundaries on her hair colour and accessories, but she wanted to make her family happy.

red_floral_dressSo much of who are is based in us either following these expectations or running from them.


It’s when we take a stand and do what works for us, but still borrow from these deep traditions that we really become our own person. 

This is the sparkle in someones eye, the extra glow they have that make them one of a kind, the type of person who loves who they’ve become. So make sure you are you!

We love dresses!




Constructing Your Fall Best

The leaves are continuing to fall, which means it’s inevitably going to get chilly. The thing I always seem to struggle with in the fall is how to continue to wear the summer dresses that I’ve grown to know and love all throughout summer. Finally it dawned on me. Whenever it starts to get cold (especially in the prairies, it seems we start to get colder here right after August ends), my mom would always tell me to layer (although layering to my mom is sweater, after sweater, after sweater). So, I forced my sister out of her busy life- working full time during her practicum as well as away from her study time (sorry sis, thank you and love you.) and took her to my favorite spot (and if you ask me, one of the most beautiful places in this city) to help me help you show how to wear dresses during this season.


Some dresses are made for this transition season (which makes my troubles slightly easier) just like our Estella Dress. As soon as I saw this in our store- Tonic, I fell in love immediately and knew I had to share it with you.


They can easily be worn as is, or can be paired with accessories such as our favorite hat, the Carmen HatDSC_0024

Another simple way to elevate your outfit to the next level in fall is a scarf. The thing I absolutely love about scarves is how versatile they are (if you’re anything like me, you watch those YouTube videos on how to transform your scarf into 50+ different outfits in absolute awe). This scarf, our very own Agnes Weaved Scarf is perfect for any outfit, with its neutral colours and pattern.

But, there’s another way we can further elevate this dress…


If you’re anything like myself, autumn automatically means cardigans. I adore cardigans-practically living in them all seasons (even the summer, I’ve just slowly allowed myself to adapt to the extra heat I’m forcing myself to withstand.)


And cardigans with this dress looks absolutely amazing, creating the perfect outfit while staying cozy.

Our Mae Cardigan is perfect for fall, its seriously the coziest thing I’ve ever worn.



Plaid is huge every fall.  A good way to wear your favorite plaid shirt is slightly less traditional. Wear it around your waist. Doing this, it cinches in your waist while still looking awesome.



Or, if you’re slightly more traditional, wear it as a regular shirt!

The Erik Semi Long Plaid is another one of my fall favorites this season. The best part about it, is that its longer than most shirts (which makes it easier to pair with dresses!).



Another thing that has been huge this fall (and for good reason- they’re awesome) are poncho scarves. They add the perfect touch to any outfit-fancy or casual. It seems we went for the fancier approach for this outfit, which worked well in our favor as you can see, after about 40 minutes of taking pictures and 10 minutes of my sister frantically changing in the car while I tried to find a secluded area that people wouldn’t see her change, the sun set and we were going berserk trying to finish these pictures.

For this outfit, we paired the Stuck On You Dress with the Kirin Poncho Scarf to make this (accidental- but it works) “heading out on the town while still keeping warm and looking (as my sister would say) sassy” outfit.





Prairie Bohemian Style

prairie_bohemianWhat does bohemian mean to you?



Do you think of artists, musicians or free spirited people?  We think of bohemian style as a relaxed, layered look, girls who like to take their favourite dress and pair it with a sweater, scarf or even add a kimono, or vest or crochet sweater and lots of accessories.





Desiree Martin has been taking pictures of friends and family for years, she put together this shoot with a few of her favourite creative friends. But also does weddings and other important occasions.  Because she grew up in the country she has an eye for natural beauty and that little sparkle you see in the bohemian girls eye that shows she’s just not like every other girl.


Growing up in the fashion industry and being surrounded by artists gave her the vision to create a bohemian mood in this stunning prairie environment.


We have long, cold winters, so when the hot prairie sun is out we spend as much time outside as possible.  To make a little shade for a picnic or a nap like we did use an old curtain or tablecloth, pack some snacks and your favourite drink and make some memories to get you through the next winter.  Oh, and don’t forget your guitar!



girlstruck2Make sure you add a little prairie bohemian to your wardrobe this spring, super soft and flowing fabric in neutral colours and interesting prints and just a few of your favourite bracelets and necklaces to spice it up, check out our bohemian collection on Farminista.




Five Reasons To Love Maxi Mania


This is a maxi summer!

Goldie London Maxi Skirt

long and flowing dresses and skirts are the biggest trend, which is perfect for a prairie girl.  There are so many bright colours and prints to choose from this season, we can’t help but fall in love with attention grabbing bright silk prints and the shock of a gold sequin skirt for spring.

Dancing on the table with a long gold skirt.
Spring and summer looks

Some of the top reasons we love super long skirts and dresses.

1. They can be worn with wedges or flats.

2. They can be dressed up with a glittery top and oversized accessories, or dressed down with a t-shirt flip-flops.

3. They are great for layering, a denim jacket or kimono look amazing with a long skirt or dress.

4. They are memorable, a girl wearing a bright coloured maxi dress or skirt can’t go unnoticed walking into a crowded room.

Mix it up with casual denim on glitter.
Boho chic, long dresse’s and jumper’s paired with kimono’s.


5. You don’t have to shave your legs (joking, but not really :))

Braids for Days

Floral dress on laura with braided hair

I think it’s a common tale that waking up to the “windblown” look, with the night before still crusted around your eyelashes, isn’t the ideal situation. Got time to comb out the bird’s nest? Nope! Hope your toast doesn’t burn.

No matter what stage of life from which you hail, I think we can all agree that shaving even just ten minutes off your morning routine is basically the lifelong dream of all women. Ok, well maybe not quite, but it’s still a pretty big deal!

Luckily, with the advancements of modern technology…

Just kidding 🙂 The simplest solution to a bad case of bed-head has actually been around for decades: the BRAID.

Ladies, this one’s a lifesaver and can be worked in an impressive array of styles:

1) Kickin it classic.

Floral slip-dress and jean button-up available on Farminista.com
Floral slip-dress and jean button-up available on Farminista.com

This cute side-braid is the morning do that never fails! Legit. However, it isn’t exactly your regular braid. So what gives this look that extra bit of glitter? As pictured above, I have carefully pulled out the edges of each curve in the braid in order to create the illusion of volume. Fortunately, with this look, a head of messy locks is actually an asset and helps to give it that effortless, beach-tossed feel!


2) Stepping it up!

Knit sweater with beaded, shoulder detailing available ob Farminista.com
Knit sweater with beaded, shoulder detailing available on Farminista.com

As of late, is seems the “medieval meets new age” trend has gracefully managed to edge its way from catwalk to sidewalk and into the wardrobes of everyday fashionistas. However, my guess is that, “back in the day”, your average maiden was not making regular trips to visit the local Mark Anthony. That being said, this look is perfect for when you feel like getting a little creative and you want to do it yourself… quickly. As pictured above, I have simply taken the braid, as it appears in the first image, and rolled it up towards my jaw, fastening it underneath with as many pins as needed. Sounds simple? YEAH. No catch. While this style can still be rocked with a fairly casual ensemble, I’ve found that it’s also an easy way to give my look a noticeably more formal appearance in just a few minutes.


And last, but definitely not least…

3) The Goddess Braid!

Photo credit: Natalie Robin
Photo credit: Natalie Robin

Because, really – what woman doesn’t enjoy feeling as though she were dropped from the sky like a preciously wrapped chocolate? Unlike the gods of Olympus, however, my “divine secret” doesn’t involve a trip to the snack isle. In this image, I’ve taken a medium sized section of hair from just above my temple and braided it as before, pulling out edges of each curve in the braid in order to enhance its volume. To finish off, simply lay the braid across the top of your hairline and secure the end with a pin underneath! If you’re feeling particularly lavish and do have a few minutes to spare, try curling the ends of your hair or an intense lip colour to achieve a more dramatic look.

Alas, the various styles from which to choose, when braiding, are far too numerous to detail.

So whether you’re aiming to tame your morning mane or to please the hair gods themselves, any one of these braided looks will have you feeling like gold and free of your bed head in minutes 😉