Stopping A Moment In Time

Pink_skyTime flies……

Especially in the summer, so this is the night I tried to stop it.

It was a combination of uneventful birthdays and too many anniversaries that got ignored, that made me what to really remember this year,

garden_partyI spent a few days collecting my favourite vintage glasses and plates, wanting every moment to be enchanting and memorable.

2Y5A0705lemon_thyme_spritzerAdded hundreds of sparkling lights, and lots of creamy white candles.

apple_branchFresh apple branches and flowers.

2Y5A0881Threw in a few of my favourite people.

2Y5A0922trufflesLots of amazing food.2Y5A0907


2Y5A0822A small rain storm to get people excited.

And suddenly time stood still.

It was in the silly moments that happen when people who don’t know each other find common ground, or when old friends are reunited.  I realized that it takes a little time and commitment to make time stand still.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy party, just a reminder or a plan to change up your mundane routine, and  try something new.

For me, it’s lots of little things that come together to make a memory that seems to stop time.

2Y5A0725 2Y5A0848 2Y5A08942Y5A08182Y5A0863

Day Dreamer

lace kimono

lace kimonoYou know that time of day, when the sun is either rising or setting and time stands still enough to create a moment?  Well that’s my favourite time of day, usually it’s morning for me as soon as the espresso is ready and the sunshine catches my attention, it feels like anything can happen.
morning lightIt’s the perfect time to pause and relax a little before the busy plans of the day take over.

wrap dressThese moments are what we choose the Prairie Bohemian collection for, fun prints and patterns with soft textures.  The kind of clothes you love to wear.  2y5a4527