Subtle Florals

This summer we have seen florals in many shapes, designs and colours. Yes they are beautiful, but wearing bright colourful florals on a daily basis can be too much for ones closet. Especially if you’re closet consists of blacks, whites and greys. If you still love your bright colours, but are looking for more of a subtle look, these dresses are perfect for you.




Wear it to your summer wedding, a business dinner, or just for a fun night out with the girls, you can wear either of these dresses for numerous summer outings.




This pink dress looks fabulous with a pair of light coloured heels, giving you that soft summer look. Simple is always better when accessorizing with this beautifully detailed dress. Pair it with a classic clutch, a simple diamond bracelet, and your outfit is complete.




For those who still can’t venture out of their black, grey, white and some more black wardrobe choices, florals can still be apart of your wardrobe to. This black leather floral dress is perfect for your style if you aren’t into bright bold or colourful colours.


Its classic, edgy look, allows you to be apart of the floral world without going too much outside of your comfort zone.




The light texture makes it perfect for the hot summer months to not over heat. This black dress is great for accessorizing when adding pops of colours. Whether you choose to go with red lipstick, or switching the black heels for some bold colourful heels. Your choices are endless with this black beauty.




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