“Stripes Aweigh!”

Blue Striped Dress With Lip Shaped Purse

Spring is a time of year that we like to renew ourselves!  To take a look at the past months, the past season, and our past actions.  You reflect, and with high hopes trust most of your reflections will be positive!  Something that moves you into the coming months with a head help high.  A spirit that shines through with grace, life and love!


Self reflections don`t all have to be super deep and intense. You can look back at how you may have: balanced your time, fed your body, what you listened to, activities you took part in, and the winter gloomy-slumpy clothes you hide away for Spring, Summer and Fall, with good reason!

For myself, I have those clothes.  The overly baggy shirts and sweaters I wouldn’t dare to go outside in.  The old provincial team sweat pants I`ve worn for the past decade producing tare after tare, but still insist they are most comfortable!  I suppose you can say it may be time to reflect on my winter fashion embarrassments and renew my self confidence in wearing clothes that make me feel alive, fresh, and free!

Stripes!  What better time of year to wear stripes than Spring!!!  The ice frozen over our beautiful flowing river finally melts away and we are once again able to breathe fresh air minus the freeze!


Because of the exhilarating appeal of stripes it allows Spring fashion to pop!



Anchors and Sailboats are a great addition to Spring `15 as well! Click here to see our entire “Sail Away Collection” for more nautical fun.  Or look below for a few of our favourites.

popcorn handbaglouie et loucie striped dressLip Purse With Studstelescope necklaceAnchor NecklaceHead Chain




gold anchor tattoo

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