Prairie Fashion goes West!

Edit_IMG_1384As sisters, Jenni and I have a few common interests. For one, we both love creating. This year, we started a blog called ‘The Common Creative‘. It’s been so fun to share creative inspiration with each other, and with others too! Farminista is filled with creative fashion. Jenni and I spent a lovely weekend in August together in Vancouver, her current home. As longtime shoppers at the Tonic fashion boutique, we were happy to share in the fashion creative process with these beautiful pieces! 


Kristen: This lightweight Lola kimono is the perfect layer to transition into fall. Laura thinks so too! (See a previous Farminista blog post) I see this lovely piece worn over short sleeves, long sleeves, and everything in between! This warm Vancouver day, I chose to wear it with a solid coloured tank, but mix it up with polka-dot print pants. And look how pretty it looks against those beautiful trees in the park!



The Jerry denim shirt is another great fall layer. Pair it with a darker shade of blue like I did, or as the weather cools (don’t think too much about it yet!) I would probably layer an army green jacket over it, and a contrasting patterned scarf.


Jenni: I chose to model a dress designed right here in Vancouver. Each dress from this designer is one of a kind, reworked from a vintage dress. I loved that this piece came with a story behind it. There’s an element of unknown about the dress that gets my imagination racing and makes me feel connected to whoever might have donned this skirt last! This piece is also fantastic for the upcoming season with its warm tones and scoop neck t-shirt top. It would work so well for layering with tights and a jacket as it starts to cool down. I paired it with the Sweet Harriet teardrop locket necklace and these lovely Chanel inspired pearl earrings which are both so pretty and chic!






How do you interpret prairie fashion? What’s your go to ‘transition-into-autumn’ fashion piece?

Take a look at The Common Creative for a few more photos in the park, and for a little insider interview with Roxanne!


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