The Perfect Summer Potluck

Summertime just speaks to me! I find myself itching to be outside enjoying some cool drinks and good snacks with friends and family. This summer-like weather screams POTLUCK to a gal like me. Throughout our long and chilly winter I found myself dreaming of warmer days and planning out “The Perfect Potluck.” To pull-off the perfect potluck it’s important to incorporate many different elements such as; food, drinks, activities, and most importantly, company.

Stirring up deliciousness
Stirring up deliciousness

When it comes to food it’s important to create a balance among the food being accumulated. It seems to me that any potlucks I have attended in my past have an overwhelming amount of desserts and salads, therefore lacking any main dishes. As a baker myself, I found it incredibly unsatisfactory to set my tray of customized cupcakes made from scratch next to a case of store-bought cookies. Fear not, I have a solution! Write down the necessary dishes you think will make the most well-rounded meal on slips of paper, and toss them into a hat. Go down the invite list and match each guest with a dish. Now for the most exciting aspect of the food portion of planning… Why not challenge each other to a “Pinterest Potluck?” This is an idea I’ve had for ages! Everyone must contribute a dish they found on Pinterest. Not only does this idea challenge your cooking skills, it also broadens your repertoire of recipes.

Have each guest write down their Pinterest dish on a recipe card and bring it to the potluck. In today’s modern times, it’s nothing to whip out a camera phone and snap a picture of the recipe to have for yourself. Have the guests leave their recipe cards with you, so that you can add it to your own recipe book, or perhaps scrapbook the event.

Preparing for a potluck in one of our favourite Farminista dresses!
Preparing for a potluck in one of our favourite Farminista dresses!

Depending on what time of day you choose to host your “Perfect Potluck,” serve drinks that will quench your guest’s thirst. Make sure to have water and a non-alcoholic beverage option available to your guests. Here, I’ll share one of my favourite go-to drinks I found on bubbly co.’s Facebook page!


What a riot this game is!! Having an interactive game that gets your guests involved and pushes them to express themselves in goofy ways makes for a guaranteed good time. I have participated in many late night “Time’s Up!” sessions, with all ages of groups, and everyone LOVES IT!

The Perfect Company for The Perfect Potluck
The Perfect Company for The Perfect Potluck- Find Dresses Here!

Another crazy idea of mine is to suggest that each guest bring a friend! Summertime is the perfect time to get to know new people! Who knows, even if they aren’t the greatest company, they may be a top-notch chef! Connecting with new people widens your social circle and allows you to explore new relationships!

Whatever your Perfect Potluck entails, make sure to take some chances and try out new things. Summer is a time to let loose and enjoy the little things in life. Be thankful for your friends, family, and personal achievements.

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