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Alright! So, there is no denying that self motivation is not always easy. Actually, most times it is far from easy. Even motivation that comes from a friend, it is hard to act upon. How about from a random stranger on the street, or all those blogs out there, and personal websites saying, `Hey, don`t worry, we know it`s hard, but you`re so worth it, and we are so proud of you for doing such and such, etc…!`  Funny hey? But sometimes it helps, sometimes that`s actually all we need to get up and get going! To start accepting motivation from others, even strangers, to than motivate ourselves!

Just like this one simple quote helps motivate me to see beauty and possibility in the day, `Bloom where you are planted!`photo

Okay. Okay, you got me… This is one of those `motivational` blog posts!  Secretly I LOVE them! I, myself have been slowly working on setting up a positive, refreshing, and friendly site to encourage and inspire people, mainly women, like you. And yes, you got me again, it`s about lifestyle and fitness.

10948698_824165697648982_1874635492_nBut here is the thing: Your lifestyle literally depicts who you are going to be throughout each day. It is a pattern, a repetitious daily cycle that we allow, or make ourselves act upon. Some habits are chosen, but others can slowly and almost unnoticeably creep into our routines. We may as well be aware of these things, choosing a positive and healthy manner!


I`ve found that for my own body and my own health balance, I like to keep active. I`m not over the top; however, I do like to run, workout, play recreational sports, and move my joints as much as I can. Truth, there are most definitely days where all I do is sit on the couch and eat ice-cream. I don`t even feel bad for doing that. Mostly because I know that the next day I`ll probably be doing some sort of activity. Whether that be walking to work, playing a soccer game, doing one of my 15 minute workouts, or anything for that matter. As long as you are moving, keeping mobile and balancing out those `lazy` days, you should be good.

10986214_1542475546026172_1023687238_nI`m not an exercise expert, and I do not know everything there is to know about weight, exercise and nutrition, but I know enough to stay moderately fit. Enough to know how to push my muscles a little more, and get my heart rate up and pumping blood!


Like I said, I`m no expert, but I try. Lately I`ve been challenging myself with a free home fitness workout by Betty Rocker. They only take 15 minutes a day. Fitness can be quick, and as long as you`ve got some upbeat, blasting, cardio involved you`ll feel it! You can see that my photos are not intense, and I am not ripped, but I use them as guides. I don`t weigh myself and I have not recently measured. I simply look and feel.

Photos can show great progress, and so can the tightness of your pants!

11015506_1549679588635671_135713743_nYou can benefit so much from keeping your body moving, but from one person to another, please don`t forget to stretch! It`s so vital to your bodies performance and agility! These foam rollers are believably the most amazing techniques at loosening up those joints. (take caution for first time use, read up on them and do it properly!)

itiswhatitisThere you have it. The Monday `Motivational Fitness`  shpeal!

I hope you know that you and your body are actually worth it, though! Like my workout tank says, `It is what it is!`  You`ve got to start somewhere, and it doesn`t matter where that starting line is!


`Your success can only go as far as your mind and motivation allows it!`  — E.W.Stobbe

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