Love Your Mom; A Gift Guide

Kate Spade push pins

It’s that time of year, the weekend that kicks off summer, Mothers Day!  We have the best gift ideas for any mom, so take a peek at our favourites and let us know what your top picks for mom’s gift is.

A subtle, sweetly scented candle can warm up the atmosphere in any room and one of our most popular candles is the double wick candle that comes in a hand painted, reusable glass bowl.

Double wick candle in a Bowl
Double wick candle in a beautiful bowl.
Kusmi Tea Tin set
kusmi tea tins

Kusmi tea is packaged in bright artistic tins, the rich flavours have been around for centuries and come to us from Paris.

hand embroidered tea towels
hand embroidered tea towels

Hand embroidered tea towels are so unique and rare, made locally using vintage patterns on old flour sack fabric they are a fun gift that will most likely end up on display in the kitchen.

Kate Spade push pins
Kate Spade push pins

Kate Spade gold bow push pins are so fun and unique, perfect to pin your mom’s favourite picture of you on the wall. Add some hand made accessories (like these in the picture from Canadian designer duo CoutuKitsch )and your mother will be so pleased you thought of her!

Thanks to Karyn Kimberley from Our Collective Muse for some of these lovely pictures, check out the OCM blog for more amazing mothers day ideas.

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