Meet The Prairie People: Tia

Prairie People
Meet Tia Getzlaf, a fashion creative living in Regina.
“I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, but never thought I’d be here forever. I dreamed of a career in fashion & life in the big city – so staying on the prairies didn’t seem to fit my big dreams. I graduated from a Fashion Design & Marketing program in 2010, and made my way back to Regina. Here I immersed myself in everything “Fashion” that I could – fashion shows, styling photo shoots, photography, design, retail…you name it! Along the way I have met so many creative people with dreams as big as mine and whether or not they meant to, they have inspired me beyond measure. All the while I still had my heart set on something bigger, and I thought leaving Saskatchewan was the answer. Just last winter I had the opportunity to spend 5 months in California & was able to learn a bit more about the design world, as well as styling. It was amazing – however, there were down sides to the big city too. I began to appreciate things back home a little bit more – cost of living, friends & family, and the fact that I have the opportunity to forge my own path. I now believe that there is a way I can do what I love here in Saskatchewan & I can always travel to those big cities I love so much. I am excited to see where my career takes me and to meet new, inspiring people along the way. Anything is possible from here – you just have to be brave enough, to possibly be the first one to try!”
The Prairie People
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