How To Wear A White Dress To A Wedding

white dress in the garden

What to wear to a wedding?  This is all we hear this time of year, can I wear a black dress? Can I wear a white dress? What about off white? Is an open back appropriate in church?  There are so many old traditions, so many new types of weddings and so many different cultures in Canada it’s hard to make just one dress code for wedding season.  So we say wear what you love, something you think is appropriate for your wedding situation and if it happens to be white, add a lot of other colours and accessories so no one will mistake you for a bride.

floral kimonoBy adding a bright belt or ribbon to define your waist and layering with a kimono or some kind of jacket or sweater will really transform a dress into an outfit, or a special look for a wedding celebration.

kimono in the gardentropical arrangementwhat to wear to a wedding

white dress in the garden

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