After the frost: colour therapy.

violet crochet dress

The time of year has come, for us lovers of black, to face the pastel rich pages of Vogue and to search for a new default look. If this happens to stir your soul (or heart-rate) with agitation –  brain darting back to old memories of your brothers forcing you to watch Godzilla, you sitting all the while, tensed in shock and horror, trust me girl, I hear ya. For some, the task of moving from black to various hues and prints, for summer, can actually be quite daunting. Having shopped, over the years, with scores of colour-weary friends, the phrase “colour just isn’t for me” is by no means unfamiliar to my ears. Although this may seem undeniable when everyone and their dog is telling you to just try the orange jumpsuit, meanwhile every pore in your pale, pink complexion is screaming (sometimes literally haha) “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, chances are, you simply haven’t found a palate that works for you. Luckily, as I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “it’s never too late to experiment” 😉

So that pale, pink person I mentioned before.. that’s me. If anyone else reading this blog happens to be from the family of blue-eyed sunburn catchers, you’ve likely had your run with choosing colours. In fact, chances are your understanding of shades that don’t exactly compliment your rosy cheeks hardly falls short of intimate. So… paint.

The secret to discovering which colours are best for your skin is that of a painter – your body: your canvas.

First off, your best shot at finding your palate is determining the temperature of you own canvas 😉 If your complexion is cool (typically those of us who are pale or have cool red-toned skin), likewise, you’ll want to adhere to a cooler palate when choosing colours. On the other hand, if your skin has inflexions of yellow, orange, or is olive-toned, you might want to try warmer colours to create a cohesive balance. As pictured above, I have chosen a fuchsia coloured dress in feminine lace to accentuate the cool tones in my skin.

Floral, lace-print dress available at
Floral, lace-print dress available at

Ok, so what if you do have cooler skin, but are craving to get in on the sunny coloured vibes?  In the image above, I’ve gone with a yellow dress that happens to fall to the cooler side of the spectrum via its greenish undertones. The green, being a colder colour, is therefore able to channel the cool tones in my skin and results in a neutralizing effect. The same principle, of course, then follows for warmer toned ladies looking to cool things down!

Ivory, crochet tea dress available at
Ivory, crochet tea dress available at

You know what though? At the end of the day, there’s something about the grace and timelessness of black that cannot easily be replaced with colour. An equally graceful alternative can be found, therefore, in its pale and timeless counterpart 😉 Albeit being less moody by nature, shades of ivory and white can surely deliver that je ne sais quoi that gives black its allure and generally compliment all skin tones with ease 🙂 Above, I have chosen an ivory tea dress with crochet detailing, accessorizing with colour for a pleasant daytime feel. However, to give this look a decidedly more alluring appearance, try accessorizing with classic metals and gems, such as silver, gold, pearls, or heck even diamonds!

Either way, don’t shy away from colour simply because the green wasn’t workin with your tan! Alas, we’ll all be back to black in a few months time (oh dear, should I say this? :s), regardless. Remember, not only diamonds are a girls best friend.

Sunny vibes,


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