Update Your Style And Your Home.


Fashion trends always seem to blend together with new home furnishing trends, both are an excellent way to express how you feel and what you love!

Lounging in Anthology

It’s not just the fact that you look fantastic coordinated with your throw cushions, it’s deeper than that.

Pink Martini Kimono worn with bamboo essentials.

The colours and textures that make you feel good, that help you stand out in a grey city, are what make your home feel so comfortable special.

Vintage inspired accessories, cameo rings, wrap bracelets, and Farminista beads


An afternoon photo shoot with Gina (Gina’s Portraits) at Anthology was the perfect blend of fashion and furniture.  One of our favourite spaces in our city, not only for the furniture and gift ideas, but the smell of fresh cut flowers and the coordinating floral displays in every corner.

Floral arranging in Anthology. Wearing light soft layers.


Oh and maybe the aroma of fresh baked  pan au chocolat from the new pastry shop in the back corner has something to do with it as well.  Dwell Studio is one of our favourite furniture companies, always standing out compared to other furniture style by using inspiration from the past.

Dwell Studio collection at Anthology, looks great with our Kersh sundress.


There are so many details in their design that are in sync with the top selling items in our boutiques.  We can’t get enough of the Designers Guild pillows and throws,we love the contrasts that make their style pop, yet go so perfect together.

Accessories for the home make a huge impact, just like accessorizing a simple dress.


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