folk tale fashion.

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Between warm lattes and picturesque walks through the park, you may have noticed a familiar trend in fashion this fall: folk-wear, this season, is it.

From the workings of Lagerfeld to the runways of Alexander McQueen, folk-inspired textiles are sweeping the fashion scene and eagerly adding a mysterious air of majesty to fashionable wardrobes. Bring it to the prairies? Uhm yeah.



Folk-inspired drape cloak available here, at

Folk-inspired, slavic cloak available here, at


As romantic as the sheer and ornate creations of fashion royalty, above, may be, in a land where keeping warm is a bit of a thing, draping cloaks and oversized knits are something you may want to ponder when working the folk-wear trend. As pictured below, the myth that oversized items are unflattering to the figure is a fictional tale of its own. The key to pulling off an oversized item is balance (you know, like the perfectly balanced life you live 24/7 and all year round… yeah…).Directly above, I have paired this stunning, slavic-inspired cloak with a billowy top and a casual pair of form-fitting jeans. While the slender choice of jeans works to accentuate slim parts of the figure, the extravagant draping and bold colours and textiles of the cloak give this look an air of richness Lord Disick himself will be coveting.



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So take a break from the t-shirt and jeans. Folk tale splendour’s where you’re headed this fall.





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