Falling For Fall…


Usually I look forward to fall in the last heat wave of summer, I start to feel all hot and sticky and get sick of barbecues everyday and not using the oven because it’s just too hot.  Then after a few freezing days and nights and meals that take forever to prepare and bake I am sorry I ever complained and miss summer.  But this year is sooo different, it has been abnormally hot for weeks, I had a few days of wearing my new coat and layering up and then I had to put my air conditioner on to drive a few blocks, and dig around my closet for my dresses and flip-flops.  So now I can say I have had a great summer, and I feel I am ready for fall, not for winter, yet, but I can handle fall.  We had the greatest farewell s’mores party for a lovely girl who has worked in the shop and on Farminista for a few years and these girls know how to make fall look amazing, take a peek…


Rose prints are sneaking up everywhere in the shop this season, we see them on sweaters, coats and even kimono’s.

rose_kimonoWe love the vintage inspired look of floral prints, there is something nostalgic about the changing seasons and the memories of dressing warm as a child or with a Grandparent have a strong tie to our reasons for living here and embracing the upcoming cold with excitement.



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