Fall Fashion 2014


Autumn is known as the transitional season between the “short-short” wearing summer season, and the “bundle me up” parka wearing season, winter. Famously known for the cooling temperatures and shedding of leaves from deciduous trees, I cannot help but feel like Mother Nature knows what she’s doing when it comes to showcasing colour palettes.




The best place to start when looking to construct an outfit this season, is outside. Taking into consideration the temperature, colour tones, and textures found in our everyday lives help to create a down to earth outfit. Using textures from outside to inspire a variety of textures within your wardrobe this season keeps your look fresh.


Mixing textures and patterns with a combination of neutral and bright pieces gives the outfit depth and makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Stick to these “Bright Tones” below when looking for a stand-out statement piece to offset the neutral in your digs.

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When modifying your makeup for different seasons it is important to remember what colours look best with your skin tone. Take into consideration your eye-colour, hair colour, and skin tone when shopping for shadows and lipstick. My personal favourite lip colour this season comes from Stila. In past seasons I fell in love with their ruby red lipstick, but this year I’m all about the Aria 04 lip colour! The paint-like consistency of this lipstick allows me a lot of control when applying.

Although we may not all be as sun-kissed and bronze as we were in the summer, there are still many ways to accentuate your best features. Your best fall look starts with moisturizing. As the temperature cools down the air gets drier, and thus the dry skin struggle. Make sure to moisturizer everyday after showering, washing your face or hands, and before bed at night. Healthy moisturizer skin looks good on everyone! Adding some SPF to your facial moisturizer will help to prevent sun damage on bright autumn days.


My Favourite up-and-coming fall pieces are by far the BB Dakota Fall Jackets found on Farminista, under the  S’mores Collection, or at each Tonic location. As an employee we agreed to wait a week before purchasing new stock, in order to allow our customers first dibs on the newest, most fabulous things we get in.


I had to have it! As soon as I saw this BB Dakota Jacket I knew it needed to be mine! Do things ever just speak to you? My fellow co-workers knew it needed to be mine as well…I couldn’t take it off! I encourage you to fall in love this fall and find your own favourite piece this season.



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