Escape Winter?

I guess we complain about winter a little these days, it’s hard to enjoy anything outside when there is a wind chill warning and a huge seat sale on WestJet.  In just a few short hours you can be on a beach, (you have to bring an extra suitcase just for your parka, you will need it when you get out of the airport) a few days in the sun can make you face the rest of winter with a smile.  We found the perfect winter night in L.A. on the Santa Monica Pier.

DSCF8138 copyA little walk on the beach is soo much sweeter when you know your friends are home shoveling their driveway.  DSCF8146 copyIt’s the perfect night for our favourite maxi dress and a thin kimono.

DSCF8135 copyThe best part about leaving the beach at night is knowing you can go to the farmers market in the morning!DSCF8177 copy

DSCF8042 copyDSCF8081 copyDSCF8125 copyNothing like an iced latte from Shortcake L.A. to start the day.  Since our winter jackets are taking up precious luggage space a bright shirt works perfectly over this maxi dress for a day at The Grove.

DSCF8101 copyThanks to Kelsi for the great weekend and to our photographer….DSCF8200 copy



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