Embellished Fashion

I am so inspired by the latest trends of fun and playful fashion! You can only have so many black and brown purses – you’ve got to add some pizzazz! We’ve been inspired by Chanel’s Grocery Bag line. With all the fun and unique styles and very cheerful colors! (Thanks to astairwaytofashion.com)

This lemon side purse is one of my favourite! I imagine myself wearing this to a summer wedding. I`d pair it with a simple dress to allow the lemon to burst, showing off the bright yellow and a splash of blush pink.


I’ve always loved making the accessories I put on the symbolic centerpiece of my outfits. Having a more simple appearance: ripped jeans, v-neck shirt, ankle boots, and sweater, adding a bag with some bling and extra detail, compared to normal, lights up my outfit. Bringing a sense of adventure and creativity!


I like fashion… It’s something that gives you options in what you wear. It is something that can bring out the more diverse and daring ‘You’! Fashion. Is. FUN – simple as that. It allows you to be creative, eccentric, different, and love what you put on. All in all feeling lively and beautiful!


Always have fun! “Mwah”

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