Dressing it up “à l’homme”

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Ever been tempted to snoop through your man’s closet and see what’s up in the world of beards and khakis? Haha, ok, well maybe you haven’t, but, either way, now’s your chance… As of late, fashionable androgyny has been making its mark in my closet and is often the perfect ingredient for adding a degree of unpredictability to an otherwise tame ensemble. While there is something to be said for looking “pretty”, experimenting with traditionally masculine styles, to enhance the contrast of your look, rarely falls short of the best way to break the rules 😉


Crochet pencil-skirt and turquoise necklace available at Farminista.com
Crochet pencil-skirt and turquoise necklace available at Farminista.com

Because who’s not a fan of mixing things up?! Ok, only like half of society, I suppose. Nonetheless, I speak not in defense of conformity or all that jazz *cough cough* fashion nonsense we were taught to appreciate as kids. In this look, I have taken a white, crochet skirt (available on Farminista-here) and turquoise necklace, pairing them with a white men’s button-up (stolen, in actuality, from my sister’s closet), which I have knotted at the waist. While the skirt and accessories possess a more gentle appearance, adding menswear to the mix was an effortless means of  introducing a bold edge to this slightly audacious look 😉

So don’t feel as though you’re confined to a certain way of dressing, simply for the sake of tradition, be it gender related or merely the pressure to stick to old ways. Sometimes the best way to “get free” is to try something a little bit different 🙂





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