Dreaming Of Europe

Everyone living in the prairies knows someone in their circle of friends who is travelling to Europe or who just got back and makes sure we hear all about it.  We hang on to every word, so many new styles and trends that we miss out on in our frozen daily lives.  This is why we love the brands we carry from Europe and the bloggers who wear them with effortless style and flare.  We love how the blog My Daily Style shows us how to wear this paisley maxi skirt.


Maybe its the beautiful architecture or the old cobblestone streets but this outfit is amazing! We would never think to pair a turtle neck sweater with this maxi skirt, so thank you to the  bloggers who take the time to show us a piece of their lives, and further feed our addiction to street style blogs.


Another option for a European look is this  maxi dress, this floral one by Goldie London is sooo stunning, it looks amazing layered and has the coolest open back when you are ready to take off the layers.



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