How To Wear A White Dress To A Wedding

white dress in the garden

What to wear to a wedding?  This is all we hear this time of year, can I wear a black dress? Can I wear a white dress? What about off white? Is an open back appropriate in church?  There are so many old traditions, so many new types of weddings and so many different cultures in Canada it’s hard to make just one dress code for wedding season.  So we say wear what you love, something you think is appropriate for your wedding situation and if it happens to be white, add a lot of other colours and accessories so no one will mistake you for a bride.

floral kimonoBy adding a bright belt or ribbon to define your waist and layering with a kimono or some kind of jacket or sweater will really transform a dress into an outfit, or a special look for a wedding celebration.

kimono in the gardentropical arrangementwhat to wear to a wedding

white dress in the garden

Dress Me Up!


We suffer from long winters, hiding inside to keep warm.  There is a certain point when we realize there is still a few more months of this weather and the rest of the continent is already feeling the spring sunshine.  These are the moments we “pretend” it is just not cold! It’s finally time to put on something fun and fancy and enjoy life again, no matter how much snow we have to run through!

unnamed (1)


A little tulle and something with sparkle will put a smile on your face and make winter tolerable!


We love any kind of fur coat, especially a shaggy fur coat.

tulleskirtunnamed (2)

Make sure to add a few fun accessories to your party look.  Big diamonds, pearls and anything pink will do.

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Now go dress up and have a great day, no matter what time of year it is!

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Embellished Fashion

I am so inspired by the latest trends of fun and playful fashion! You can only have so many black and brown purses – you’ve got to add some pizzazz! We’ve been inspired by Chanel’s Grocery Bag line. With all the fun and unique styles and very cheerful colors! (Thanks to

This lemon side purse is one of my favourite! I imagine myself wearing this to a summer wedding. I`d pair it with a simple dress to allow the lemon to burst, showing off the bright yellow and a splash of blush pink.


I’ve always loved making the accessories I put on the symbolic centerpiece of my outfits. Having a more simple appearance: ripped jeans, v-neck shirt, ankle boots, and sweater, adding a bag with some bling and extra detail, compared to normal, lights up my outfit. Bringing a sense of adventure and creativity!


I like fashion… It’s something that gives you options in what you wear. It is something that can bring out the more diverse and daring ‘You’! Fashion. Is. FUN – simple as that. It allows you to be creative, eccentric, different, and love what you put on. All in all feeling lively and beautiful!


Always have fun! “Mwah”

Five Tips For A Bridal Shower That Sparkles


We love to put together a little Bridal Shower, especially for someone we have known for so long and we know will love it!

Flowers come first!  They are so important when throwing a party for someone, they make everything come together, we put little vintage milk glass vases on every table and counter space and made sure to have a huge bouquet on the dessert table.


Peony flower arrangement
Peony flower arrangement

Second is Dessert, a mini wedding cake is the perfect focal point, and a dramatic macron tower adds some sparkle to our dessert table.

Third is the decor, we love the little details like a gold tail on a huge balloon (or three for this special occasion) and glitter inside the balloons to help us add sparkle to the wedding shower.  At this shower we added a few banners that say  things like, “congratulations”, “sweet table”, and “bridal shower”.  We also added a few varieties of polka-dot straws for the pink champagne.

Dessert table
Sweets table for a Bridal Shower.


Fourth is food, and the best part is working together to get it all set up!  Farminista-KelsiShower_70sm

Tip number five is friends, don’t overcrowd the shower with too many people, keep it intimate so it becomes more personal and memorable!







Wedding Shower Display
Dessert Table