Fun With Faux

Of all the outfits we have put together at Tonic, this is one of my favourites! The double-buckle style belt has been a popular style this past year, so when this faux leather mini skirt came in, I was pretty excited!


Pair it with a casual t-shirt and white sneakers for the day, and add a black faux-fur jacket to transition into night.


If the weather does not permit going out with bare legs (we do live in Saskatchewan after all!), try adding black tights and boots- when paired with a casual t-shirt in grey or black, adding a faux-fur jacket will give a warm, monochromatic look.


To finish off the look, add a pale pink bag, sunnies, and a choker!





Cozy Up with a Blanket Scarf

blanketclutch_thefarmersdaughter-5 blanketclutch_thefarmersdaughter-3

Cool weather is very slowly making itself known over here in southern BC, and all over the country,  that means that cozy layers are the way to go!

I love giant scarves, and what better way to stay warm than to wrap a blanket around you?  That’s what I did when styling this look for my sister, Jordyn (similar blankets here).  What’s even better is that the company Sackcloth & Ashes donates one blanket to your local homeless shelter when you purchase one!  I love companies who strive to make a positive impact on the community around them.

blanketclutch_thefarmersdaughter-11 blanketclutch_thefarmersdaughter-6blanketclutch_thefarmersdaughter-23 blanketclutch_thefarmersdaughter-17blanketclutch_thefarmersdaughter-27blanketclutch_thefarmersdaughter-21blanketclutch_thefarmersdaughter-28

Also, how darling is this Moroccan clutch?  It’s a handmade in Morocco, from artisans who receive fair trade pay.  The intricate details are so swoon-worthy, and it adds something special to an ordinary outfit.

Stay warm friends!

A Word On Retrospectives


Timidly, I am choosing the limbs and breastbone of one,


A man who isn’t much for spoken words,


But whose touch resounds on me


With the impact of Halley’s,






A whisper into the ground.


These images mark the end of a season and the beginning of a very new period in my life. Late this past summer, I chose to try joining the journey I’m on with that of someone else and I’m learning that this kind of thing – a relationship – is intricate and case-specific.


Men with short beards, softer sides and hearts that are a rich basin of complexity. This has been my jam for years and the variety of men like this with whom I’ve crossed paths have helped to teach me lessons each in their own turn. However, what I’m learning now is that, despite a wealth of lessons that develop later on into wisdom, relationships can’t be tamed and constrained by algorithms and lessons learned.



My dad said recently of relationships: “[he doesn’t] think that anything is natural or normal”. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this statement came up during a time when I was having difficulty establishing some sort of standard to which to compare my relationship. Since mulling on the truth of my dad’s words, I’ve been learning that generalities and norms won’t bridge the risk or heal the uncertainties that come with caring deeply for another person. The more familiarized I become with the beautiful and simultaneous contradictions that make up the man with whom I spend my time, the more I realize that there isn’t any reason for applying these general rules where close observation is merited. My boyfriend does things differently from me, and the more I learn his language, the more I’m able to recognize and feel the depth of his caring towards me.

Timidly, I am choosing the limbs and breastbone of one, a man who isn’t much for spoken words, but whose touch resounds on me with the impact of Halley’s, falling, landing, a whisper into the ground.










Photography by Matt Lowden

What Did Your Mom Give You?

Tea time, tea, tea cups, tea towell

So much of Mother’s Day advertisements and conversation is about what to get Mom on her special day (we are guilty, I know, but we have such fantastic gifts on Farminista, we can’t help it). Gifts can be great, that special thing you know your mother would love and only you understand why  is based on a bond only you have with her.

candles, tea, and pretty clothes
Gifts for your favourite person
Tea time, tea, tea cups, tea towell
Tea Time

Often you hear about breakfast in bed or a special Mothers Day brunch.  I was surprised at how touching my friend Maygen’s blog post was to me.  I love to hear how important the role of a mother is, in so many ways.  This is the time of year to make a point to let your mom know that, or someone you look up to as a mentor if you no longer have your mom in your life.  You can find the entire post on The Rooster blog, I just want to share a few quotes from the OCM girls on what they Got from their mama!

mom and kim davies

Kim Davies: “Like many mothers, mine is extraordinary beyond words. Her undeniable strength, sincerity, compassion and kindness are characteristics I aspire to exemplify. I am forever grateful to my mother, for my life as her child.”




mom and karyn kimberly


Karyn Kimberly: “I’m grateful I received my mother’s love, patience and gentle smile.”





mom and susan busse

Susan Busse “I’m so grateful to have received my mom’s appreciation for pretty clothes (she still has four full, neatly organized closets) and more importantly, I’m grateful to have received her sense of general capability.”





Mom, sister, and Roxanne herself.

Roxanne Woodley “I love my mom’s love of nostalgia. She always has a story of how wonderful her grandma was and it reminds me to love my heritage and cherish the memories of my great grandmother and grandparents. Also, I got my moms brown eyes and I love the colour- all my kids have bright blue eyes for some reason!”


Isn’t that great?!

(note: thanks Maygen for sneaking me, my sister and my mom in there too!)

Now we would love to hear what you “got from your mama”!  Email us at and we will add to our blog, we might even pick a winner to get a gift card 🙂

MmMmm Florals!

girl wearing floral back pack and white beach sweater

Last Friday, my heart beat a little, scrap that, a lot faster when I opened the door to a freshly fallen layer of “the white stuff”…

Mother Nature at her prima donna best.

For our out of province fashionistas, the “flavours” of spring in Saskatchewan are about as varied as your choice in granite countertops. Ugh. Right? However, warmer weather does seem to be in the air… So here, on Farminista, we’re welcoming summer with a bouquet in hand 🙂

This time of year, feminine florals are the perfect way to spark your inner glow and snag that little “pick me up” that comes with the thought of summer!

Floral clothing and accessores
Top Floral items in our boutique

From full pieces to accessories, Farminista is stocked with florals and these lil cuties are gold!

However, if you’re a dreamer, like me, and maybe a bit of a rebel as well (just a bit :p) then you might want to be beach shopping in advance. Just sayin. This beach knit is über comfy and can also be worn, as pictured below, on warm days around the town. To add a little intrigue to this relaxed, yet polished, look, try a smokey eye and floral accessories to go with 🙂

girl wearing floral back pack and white beach sweater
Floral back pack and beach sweater

So don’t fret about the ever impending chance of snow – smiles are in blossom, for summer is the once in ten month jewel :p

Warm regards,