The Simple Bride

When my fiance and I decided to tie the knot this year… we decided on a simple “at home” private ceremony between us and our two children. It seemed silly to go out and buy a fancy big wedding dress… but I still wanted to look like a bride. I guess you could say that because this was a simple wedding… I needed a simple look.

I ventured out ALL over the city and tried to find a simple off-white dress.  I didn’t know what it needed to look like but I knew if I saw a certain type of dress, it would be “the one”.  I found a simple one, but thought it needed something to dress it up a bit.

The search continued for all the fun stuff like finding accessories and I thought of no other place other than FARMINISTA and TONIC.  I had had my eye on a this lace kimono weeks ago.. and thought it would look gorgeous for a wedding. Sure enough it worked perfect with my dress and the rest is history. It was easy finding earrings at Tonic/Farminista and I found the perfect pair that worked with an existing large pearl necklace I had.  I made my own flowers with greenery from Anthology…. which worked perfect with my dress choice.

Take a glimpse into my simple wedding look. Images by Boehmer Photography.

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The Dream


Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of the day I’d get married to the man of my dreams, and now that that day has come, it feels surreal…creating my dream day has been as amazing as I always thought it would be! I’m taking it all in and trying to remember that this short period of planning is going to fly by!

Now that I’ve got the ring and the dress, it’s time to find the perfect dress for those special ladies standing by my side on the big day!


Pinterest is one of the greatest and most helpful sites created…I searched and searched and finally found something I LOVED! Time to make the vision come true.  Click here for link to one of our favourite wedding pages on Pinterest.


Now that I’ve got these great dresses for my ladies, it’s time use the wedding as an excuse to buy myself at least one little white dress. If you get one dirty, you need a back-up…right?



I LOVE the simplicity of this white off the shoulder dress. But, what girl doesn’t dream of that beautiful white lace dress?! So may as well add this one to your collection.


White, lacy, and dreamy…

If you’re a bride, I hope that you enjoy this time of planning and just take it all in! Your wedding day will roll around sooner than you could imagine!

V-Day Gift Ideas!

So we all know what time of year it is… Yes it’s winter, and yes winter gets drawn out rather long of all the seasons that we would love to have. BUT! Winter means February, and February means Valentines Day! Now, no, we don’t need a specific day to show our love and affection to the ones we do love and cherish in our lives; However, why not?!


Some people choose to spend this day with either a husband/wife, boy/girl-friend, best friends, or even a widowed grandparent! Just because it’s the ‘Day of Love‘ doesn’t mean you have to have a ‘significant other‘ to share it with. We can have so many different people in our lives who we hold dear to our hearts, and as long as we’re spending the day with someone special to us, the day is made!

Whether your the person to give or receive gifts, that I don’t know. What I do know is that being on either side, especially when it’s for a special someone, is exciting and fun. Trying to pick out the right ‘You’re my Best Friend‘ piece, or ‘I Love You‘ jewelry. Even if it’s a simple ‘I Like You‘, ‘I Care About You‘, or ‘Here’s a Little Something‘! Gifts are so much fun, and we’ve got some great ideas for you. To help you say what you want to say and brighten whoever the special person is in your life for V-Day!

Necklace Ideas:


Cup Ideas:


Tattoo Ideas:


Accessory Ideas:



Sock Ideas:




Essential Ideas:



 Happy V-Day Gifting! 

But Most importantly, remember to spend the day with someone…

Anyone… Who you love and hold dear to your heart! 

Wedding Shower Blitz

A time to celebrate the beauty of a soon to-be bride! The Tonic girls and I worked together to create the perfect wedding shower for one of our own. The ideal mix of fabulous food, decorations, and company create the greatest shower experience.

Wedding Shower Shenanigans

The Farminista Garden Party Collection, has the perfect dress for any bridal shower!

Being a baker myself, my go-to contribution to most events are my signature mini cupcakes! Knowing that the Bride’s colour palate for her wedding included champagne, I challenged myself to create a champagne flavoring for the butter cream icing.

Champagne Butter-cream  The result was as yummy as ever! They tied into the expertly designed decor to help create an atmosphere of celebration, love and excitement that truly expresses all of the feelings of warmth and happiness that surrounds a soon-to-be bride.

Can we just talk about how beautiful this royal blue Dex dress is?! Designed in Canada, this simple, yet elegant cut of the dress is perfect for a shower, wedding, or fancy date.

Champagne Cupcakes

Back to cupcake bliss! I used  basic vanilla cupcake recipe I found on Pinterest. Click below to view the recipe I used!

Some important things to keep in mind when attempting to bake a vanilla cupcake is that vanilla cupcakes are less durable in comparison to my indestructible chocolate cupcakes. Typically when I bake chocolate cupcakes I grease the pan before I put the wrappers in, just to make it easier to pop them out after they are fully baked. With the vanilla darlings, I ended up burning my first batch because the grease burned to the pan, and destroyed the bottoms of my babies. Turning the heat down and prolonging the baking time saved my future vanilla batches. Considering I can whip up a dozen chocolate cupcakes in my sleep, I found this occasion the perfect time to hone into my creative side.

To make the butter cream icing taste like champagne I decided to boil the champagne on the stove top, in hopes of thickening it up and making it easier to blend into the mixture. I blended icing sugar into the stove top champagne concoction.

Champagne Butter Cream Icing:
2 cups butter
2 cups Crisco
5 cups powdered sugar 6 T pink champagne (or to taste)
2 T strawberry daquirri drink mixer
dash of Karo syrup

Potluck Party Food

The only thing that goes with great food, is great company! Seeing how the shower was for one of our very own, the occasion doubled as a mini reunion.

Tonic Love

Working with women you love and enjoy being around them makes my day at work worth it. We share a common bond through our love for fashion and making other women feel good about themselves in their clothes. The life lessons I have learned throughout my two years here at Tonic have made me a better person all around.



We wish the beautiful bride Kelsi and her new husband Garret a lifetime of happiness filled with love. Cheers! XOXO

“Who Says It Has To Be Itsy Bitsy?” -Rey Swimwear

Rey Swimwear came onto the fashion scene in May of 2008, and since then, has been revolutionary in the swimwear department. We had a customer ask us to look into carrying the line for Tonic and Farminista and we fell in love with the designer and the fun photo shoots and videos we found!  This new company was so fantastic to work with and the quality of their designs are amazing!  Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s class, modesty, and style these swimsuits provide sufficient coverage and support to women of all sizes. Designer/former actress Jessica Rey saw a need to design a swimsuit that allowed women to be able to enjoy the beach, without stressing about falling out of a “itsy bitsy” bikini. Women deserve the right to feel confident in everything they wear, including  summer swimwear. No need to stress, the Rey Swimwear is designed with all sizes and shapes of women in mind.


Just unpacked yesterday, excitement filled the store as we priced, prepared, and set out three different styles of Rey Swimwear! Two of the three styles are two-piece swimsuits, and include boy cut bottoms adding better coverage.

The Marie in Candy Dots swimsuit includes a supportive halter top strap, flirty skirt, and boy cut bottoms.
The Marie in Candy Dots swimsuit includes a supportive halter top strap, flirty skirt, and boy cut bottoms.

The Marie in Candy Dots swimsuit combines the perfect navy blue coloured top, and pretty pink skirt on the bottom. The addition of polka dots adds an element of vintage flare to an already adorable swimsuit. The halter top strap helps to provide support for those of us that have a little more “up top.” The boy cut bottoms provide full coverage and leaves you confidently thinking “not today boys!”

Navy Blue and White Stripes on top compliment the fresh "Tropical Punch" coloured skirt.
Navy Blue and White Stripes on top compliment the fresh “Tropical Punch” coloured skirt. Click here for a closer look!

How fun are these colours?! This is my all time favourite swimsuit by Rey swimwear! I love the nautical theme with navy and white stripes going on up top, and the coral skirt on the bottom is so spunky! Like the Marie in Candy Dots, this swimsuit has a halter top strap and boy cut bottom. Maximum coverage, flirty style, and fabulous colour combinations, will make you standout this summer season.

This adorable combination of baby blue and tiny white polka dots are perfect. A contrasting pop of a red belt ties this look together!
This adorable combination of baby blue and tiny white polka dots are simply perfect. A contrasting pop of a red belt ties this look together!

You could be having as much fun as this girl (above) in our new bathingsuits! I don’t know about you, but knowing that I’m not going to be falling out everywhere in my swimsuit, makes me want to dive for that beach ball, cannonball into the pool, and have a three-legged race on the beach! This one-piece baby blue based swimsuit has pretty white polka dots and a popping red belt designed to hug your waistline. Take a closer look at it here on Farminista.

Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?

Like Jessica Rey’s motto, Tonic girls and I agree it doesn’t  have to be itsy bitsy to be sexy and fabulous! We think all women should feel comfortable and be able to be active in their swimwear. Happy sunbathing Dolls!

Size Chart 
XS 30-32 24-25 32
S 33-35 26-27 33-36
M 36-37 28-29 37-39
L 38-39 30-31 40-42
XL 40-42 32-34 42-44
1X 43-45 35-37 45-47

Sisterly Love

McQueen Girls Tonic Shoot Spring '14
McQueen Girls Tonic Shoot Spring ’14

To me, a sister is a gift. An instant best friend, and long time support system. Throughout our childhood we spent most of our time together being creative and exploring fashion through such television shows as “What Not To Wear.” Our fashion interest grew as we entered our teens. From sharing a closet and bedroom, to being co-workers at Tonic, we have learned the art of getting along. Our love for assisting costumers, and being around people has made our experience in retail fabulous. The excitement of opening new boxes of products and being the first ones to model new merchandise is really a form of art. Modeling in Tonic shoots has become a creative outlet for us, as well as a bonding experience. I am thankful to have a built-in “second opinion” glued to my hip, that will tell it to me straight.

McQueen girls in the kitchen.
McQueen girls in the kitchen.

Lately, our adventures together are found  in the kitchen, and have to do with our great-grandmother’s chocolate cake recipe. With my love for baking, and my sister’s creativity, we make a deadly duo in the cupcake league. Balancing beauty and taste we aim to create new butter cream flavours that are as pleasant to the palate as they are on the eyes.

Vanilla and Peppermint Butter Cream Chocolate Cupcakes
Vanilla and Peppermint Butter Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

A sister truly is the greatest gift.

Farminista photo shoot, most items available in the online boutique.