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This past July I had the amazing opportunity of going on an Alaskan cruise with my family! Upon arriving in Anchorage we got settled into our rooms the Hotel Captain Cook, leaving us the rest of the day to explore the the city. While in Anchorage we took a trolley tour of the city that gave […]

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Timidly, I am choosing the limbs and breastbone of one,   A man who isn’t much for spoken words,   But whose touch resounds on me   With the impact of Halley’s,   Falling,   Landing,   A whisper into the ground. These images mark the end of a season and the beginning of a […]

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The Endless Expanse. Vast skies wrapped in colours Speaking, changing, unafraid. Raw emotion Revealing the Artist’s tale Masses one by one Together cover the land Blooming, swaying, unity. Alive, flat, grand. Far and wide The eyes see The lungs breathe Unlimited space. -Olivia Stephen “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their […]

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Time flies…… Especially in the summer, so this is the night I tried to stop it. It was a combination of uneventful birthdays and too many anniversaries that got ignored, that made me what to really remember this year, I spent a few days collecting my favourite vintage glasses and plates, wanting every moment to […]

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Saskatoon may be cold for three-quarters of the year, but its magnificent beauty and wonderful people make up for it.  The seasons change and so do the trends but that doesn’t always mean updating your entire wardrobe at the beginning of every season.  Dressing for trends can be a bit of a chore but this […]

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When my fiance and I decided to tie the knot this year… we decided on a simple “at home” private ceremony between us and our two children. It seemed silly to go out and buy a fancy big wedding dress… but I still wanted to look like a bride. I guess you could say that […]