The Fall Tunic

Is it winter yet, or is it still fall? For a lot of people, November means winter- but since there’s no snow on the ground (knock on wood) we can, for a brief time, ignore the Christmas decorations popping up and just enjoy the fall weather.


This is where the long sleeved tunic comes in! We shot these pictures on a particularly nice fall day, but we suggest our absolute favourite leggings (for when it gets undeniably colder), that can be paired and layered under anything. Tunic + Leggings= instant fall outfit that transitions nicely into winter.


This forest green tunic foregoes a waistline to give us a sophisticated baby-doll cut. The crochet lace detailing along the neck is a major feature, but we also love the 3/4 length crocheted bell sleeves.


We love this button down rose printed tunic for its feminine, yet casual cut- it’s easy to dress up with some jewelry and the right shoes, or dress down with your fall boots and and blanket scarf.


And for the boho babe in all of us, there’s the tunic dress in burgundy, with a slightly rustic feel to it.


This one has an elastic waistline and is super comfortable- the lace up neckline complete with hanging tassels is our favourite detail.



Another bohemian inspired piece we love is the deep purple paisley printed tunic!

Or, my personal favourite, the classical drapy black tunic.



Photos: Emma Loewen and Keely Montgomery;

                Haddy Kamara and Boehmer Photography

Styling: Tonic/Farminista



The Versatile Little Black Dress

This spooky season is celebrated in many different ways, but it’s probably safe to say costumes are the best part (besides another excuse to overload on chocolate!). As a child, playing dress up out in public was exhilarating- wearing or being something you wouldn’t normally wear or be is always fun!


One of the downsides of being an “adult” may include lack of time and energy to come up with that fabulous costume of your dreams- this is where your little black dress comes in!


You don’t necessarily have to dress up AS something- it’s perfectly acceptable to just be inspired by the season, and adorn yourself in black lace, velvet chokers, eccentric jewelry of any sort, and of course some smoky eye makeup (or all out face paint!).


We love this full on black lace dress– the vintage inspired floral lace pattern is beautiful. We of course paired it with our most trusted bamboo slip underneath.


Mesh is also a great alternative to lace, adding a bit more edge to any outfit.


Any holiday is an excuse to dress up- so take advantage!

A Word On Retrospectives


Timidly, I am choosing the limbs and breastbone of one,


A man who isn’t much for spoken words,


But whose touch resounds on me


With the impact of Halley’s,






A whisper into the ground.


These images mark the end of a season and the beginning of a very new period in my life. Late this past summer, I chose to try joining the journey I’m on with that of someone else and I’m learning that this kind of thing – a relationship – is intricate and case-specific.


Men with short beards, softer sides and hearts that are a rich basin of complexity. This has been my jam for years and the variety of men like this with whom I’ve crossed paths have helped to teach me lessons each in their own turn. However, what I’m learning now is that, despite a wealth of lessons that develop later on into wisdom, relationships can’t be tamed and constrained by algorithms and lessons learned.



My dad said recently of relationships: “[he doesn’t] think that anything is natural or normal”. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this statement came up during a time when I was having difficulty establishing some sort of standard to which to compare my relationship. Since mulling on the truth of my dad’s words, I’ve been learning that generalities and norms won’t bridge the risk or heal the uncertainties that come with caring deeply for another person. The more familiarized I become with the beautiful and simultaneous contradictions that make up the man with whom I spend my time, the more I realize that there isn’t any reason for applying these general rules where close observation is merited. My boyfriend does things differently from me, and the more I learn his language, the more I’m able to recognize and feel the depth of his caring towards me.

Timidly, I am choosing the limbs and breastbone of one, a man who isn’t much for spoken words, but whose touch resounds on me with the impact of Halley’s, falling, landing, a whisper into the ground.










Photography by Matt Lowden

More Maxis Please!


PSA: Maxi dresses are in- and they’re here to stay! Finding the right style can be challenging (especially when taking into consideration your height, shape, etc.) but these days there are so many different cuts to choose from, there’s something for everyone.


We did a fun photo shoot with our favourite floral maxi, which we adore for its feminine, vintage vibes (i.e. fabric covered buttons, tie up waist line, dreamy cherry blossom print).


Maxi dresses are probably so popular because they make us feel beautiful- there’s something about wearing a floor length dress, adorned with lace or floral prints, that can make you feel extra special.


Long sleeved maxis are a great option for winter fashion as well- you can hide some warm leggings underneath and no one will know  better. We also love finding a maxi dress that is not only flattering, but also incredibly comfortable!


We like to let this type of dress speak for itself, so we pair it with simple, elegant jewelry.


If you love the idea of a floral maxi dress, but long sleeves just aren’t for you, we also have some beautiful strappy style maxis.


Photos: Boehmer Photography 

Model: Keely Montgomery 

Styling: Farminista



Feeling The Fall


So I may be a little late to the party with this fall post, but lets reminisce about how wonderful those couple weeks of colourful leaves and sunshine are.

Nothing beats the feeling of finally slipping on your fall boots, and your favourite light jacket that can only be worn this time of year- chances are its your trusty green army coat.


The weather is in that perfect in between place- it’s brisk, but the sun is still warming your legs and shining in your eyes (I love a good vintage-inspired pair of sunnies!).


You can finally start wearing those long sleeved dresses, in deep fall colours like burgundy, mustard, and chestnut brown.


Go-to accessories like hats in neutral tones can be worn throughout summer and well into fall, when it’s still not cold out enough to pull out your toque.


In retrospect, fall fashion is my absolute favourite- I love layering up sweaters with comfortable leggings, soft scarves, and cozy wool socks in my boots!

Shop Farminista’s fall collection here.



Photographer: Alan Yuen of Insomniak Media

Model: Sienna Freistadt

Stylist/Wardrobe: Anh Pham / Tonic

Brunette the Label


img_0578-copyWhen Brunette the Label designer, Miriam Alden comes to town with her fresh new line, you celebrate!  And that’s just what we did.  We threw a little bash in her honour to celebrate the arrival of the newest goods from one of our favourite labels.  Her statement sweatshirts are as cozy as they are cool and we just can’t get enough of the cheeky quotes.  Try as hard as we might, we can’t pick a favourite- however, the newest crews are in heavy rotation in our fall wardrobes.   Babes Supporting Babes, Who Run The World and the iconic “Role Call” crews each hold a special place in our hearts… and closets.


So what was Miriam really like?  She was honest to goodness sweet, down to earth and incredibly friendly.  Miriam took time to have genuine conversations with all who attended and give her feedback in change-room decisions.  And her style…. It was as expected – completely ah-mazing!  We loved how she topped her Brunette the Label “Tracy” lace mock neck and cut-offs with a glossy BRUNETTE bomber.  Oh and that quilted Chanel bag? It was the icing on the cake.

The night was filled with good vibes, Boss Babes and some seriously sweet BLONDE and BRUNETTE cupcakes.  Guests left with their favourite cozy crew and a gifted Brunette the Label mug.  (Because the quotes we love are equally as amazing on take-everywhere mugs.)


We’ve had fun spotting Brunette the Label’s star-studded following sporting their favourite crews everywhere.  We think Jillian Harris nailed her her recent post with her bestie in a pair of iconic Blonde/Brunette tops.

In addition to cheeky crews, Brunette the Label has recently launched Brunette Collection, a full fashion range.  The line is on trend and still maintains that laid back look we love.  When I’m not living in my Brunette the Label sweatshirts, I’ll be dressing up in their newest fashion collection – there’s already a spot reserved in my closet  for the Carter leggings and Tracy lace top.