Floral Print Dresses

Make a statement this summer in a floral print dress

Most of the summer dresses we carry in our boutiques have bright floral prints or patterns on them.  With a short prairie summer and so many weddings and bridal showers to attend a floral dress is the perfect fit.  Many of these dresses are vintage inspired, the prints fill you with a touch of nostalgia and the silky, flowing fabric makes a statement for any occasion.

Delicate accessories for a summer dress.

Floral prints don’t need a lot of accessories, a few stacked bracelets or wrist wraps, a softly coloured statement necklace and a thin belt just polish up your look for a summer wedding or party.

We love summer flowers

We love to see how girls switch up their flower print dresses for different occasions.  When you fall in love with a dress and know you can use it for work, weddings and a hot date it makes it easier to commit to the dress.  We love to look at blogs for inspiration and Velvet & Vino blogger Becky did a fantastic job showing three ways to wear a dress with flowers.

This is one of our favourite looks from Becky on how to pull off an evening look in a fun, bright floral print, check out her blog; Velvet & Vino to see the other looks she created.


This Grace dress has been one of our more popular floral prints this season.  A dark base colour like the black makes it easier to pair with shoes and match your date.

After the frost: colour therapy.

violet crochet dress

The time of year has come, for us lovers of black, to face the pastel rich pages of Vogue and to search for a new default look. If this happens to stir your soul (or heart-rate) with agitation –  brain darting back to old memories of your brothers forcing you to watch Godzilla, you sitting all the while, tensed in shock and horror, trust me girl, I hear ya. For some, the task of moving from black to various hues and prints, for summer, can actually be quite daunting. Having shopped, over the years, with scores of colour-weary friends, the phrase “colour just isn’t for me” is by no means unfamiliar to my ears. Although this may seem undeniable when everyone and their dog is telling you to just try the orange jumpsuit, meanwhile every pore in your pale, pink complexion is screaming (sometimes literally haha) “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, chances are, you simply haven’t found a palate that works for you. Luckily, as I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “it’s never too late to experiment” 😉

So that pale, pink person I mentioned before.. that’s me. If anyone else reading this blog happens to be from the family of blue-eyed sunburn catchers, you’ve likely had your run with choosing colours. In fact, chances are your understanding of shades that don’t exactly compliment your rosy cheeks hardly falls short of intimate. So… paint.

The secret to discovering which colours are best for your skin is that of a painter – your body: your canvas.

First off, your best shot at finding your palate is determining the temperature of you own canvas 😉 If your complexion is cool (typically those of us who are pale or have cool red-toned skin), likewise, you’ll want to adhere to a cooler palate when choosing colours. On the other hand, if your skin has inflexions of yellow, orange, or is olive-toned, you might want to try warmer colours to create a cohesive balance. As pictured above, I have chosen a fuchsia coloured dress in feminine lace to accentuate the cool tones in my skin.

Floral, lace-print dress available at farminista.com
Floral, lace-print dress available at farminista.com

Ok, so what if you do have cooler skin, but are craving to get in on the sunny coloured vibes?  In the image above, I’ve gone with a yellow dress that happens to fall to the cooler side of the spectrum via its greenish undertones. The green, being a colder colour, is therefore able to channel the cool tones in my skin and results in a neutralizing effect. The same principle, of course, then follows for warmer toned ladies looking to cool things down!

Ivory, crochet tea dress available at farminista.com
Ivory, crochet tea dress available at farminista.com

You know what though? At the end of the day, there’s something about the grace and timelessness of black that cannot easily be replaced with colour. An equally graceful alternative can be found, therefore, in its pale and timeless counterpart 😉 Albeit being less moody by nature, shades of ivory and white can surely deliver that je ne sais quoi that gives black its allure and generally compliment all skin tones with ease 🙂 Above, I have chosen an ivory tea dress with crochet detailing, accessorizing with colour for a pleasant daytime feel. However, to give this look a decidedly more alluring appearance, try accessorizing with classic metals and gems, such as silver, gold, pearls, or heck even diamonds!

Either way, don’t shy away from colour simply because the green wasn’t workin with your tan! Alas, we’ll all be back to black in a few months time (oh dear, should I say this? :s), regardless. Remember, not only diamonds are a girls best friend.

Sunny vibes,


Braids for Days

Floral dress on laura with braided hair

I think it’s a common tale that waking up to the “windblown” look, with the night before still crusted around your eyelashes, isn’t the ideal situation. Got time to comb out the bird’s nest? Nope! Hope your toast doesn’t burn.

No matter what stage of life from which you hail, I think we can all agree that shaving even just ten minutes off your morning routine is basically the lifelong dream of all women. Ok, well maybe not quite, but it’s still a pretty big deal!

Luckily, with the advancements of modern technology…

Just kidding 🙂 The simplest solution to a bad case of bed-head has actually been around for decades: the BRAID.

Ladies, this one’s a lifesaver and can be worked in an impressive array of styles:

1) Kickin it classic.

Floral slip-dress and jean button-up available on Farminista.com
Floral slip-dress and jean button-up available on Farminista.com

This cute side-braid is the morning do that never fails! Legit. However, it isn’t exactly your regular braid. So what gives this look that extra bit of glitter? As pictured above, I have carefully pulled out the edges of each curve in the braid in order to create the illusion of volume. Fortunately, with this look, a head of messy locks is actually an asset and helps to give it that effortless, beach-tossed feel!


2) Stepping it up!

Knit sweater with beaded, shoulder detailing available ob Farminista.com
Knit sweater with beaded, shoulder detailing available on Farminista.com

As of late, is seems the “medieval meets new age” trend has gracefully managed to edge its way from catwalk to sidewalk and into the wardrobes of everyday fashionistas. However, my guess is that, “back in the day”, your average maiden was not making regular trips to visit the local Mark Anthony. That being said, this look is perfect for when you feel like getting a little creative and you want to do it yourself… quickly. As pictured above, I have simply taken the braid, as it appears in the first image, and rolled it up towards my jaw, fastening it underneath with as many pins as needed. Sounds simple? YEAH. No catch. While this style can still be rocked with a fairly casual ensemble, I’ve found that it’s also an easy way to give my look a noticeably more formal appearance in just a few minutes.


And last, but definitely not least…

3) The Goddess Braid!

Photo credit: Natalie Robin
Photo credit: Natalie Robin

Because, really – what woman doesn’t enjoy feeling as though she were dropped from the sky like a preciously wrapped chocolate? Unlike the gods of Olympus, however, my “divine secret” doesn’t involve a trip to the snack isle. In this image, I’ve taken a medium sized section of hair from just above my temple and braided it as before, pulling out edges of each curve in the braid in order to enhance its volume. To finish off, simply lay the braid across the top of your hairline and secure the end with a pin underneath! If you’re feeling particularly lavish and do have a few minutes to spare, try curling the ends of your hair or an intense lip colour to achieve a more dramatic look.

Alas, the various styles from which to choose, when braiding, are far too numerous to detail.

So whether you’re aiming to tame your morning mane or to please the hair gods themselves, any one of these braided looks will have you feeling like gold and free of your bed head in minutes 😉


MmMmm Florals!

girl wearing floral back pack and white beach sweater

Last Friday, my heart beat a little, scrap that, a lot faster when I opened the door to a freshly fallen layer of “the white stuff”…

Mother Nature at her prima donna best.

For our out of province fashionistas, the “flavours” of spring in Saskatchewan are about as varied as your choice in granite countertops. Ugh. Right? However, warmer weather does seem to be in the air… So here, on Farminista, we’re welcoming summer with a bouquet in hand 🙂

This time of year, feminine florals are the perfect way to spark your inner glow and snag that little “pick me up” that comes with the thought of summer!

Floral clothing and accessores
Top Floral items in our boutique

From full pieces to accessories, Farminista is stocked with florals and these lil cuties are gold!

However, if you’re a dreamer, like me, and maybe a bit of a rebel as well (just a bit :p) then you might want to be beach shopping in advance. Just sayin. This beach knit is über comfy and can also be worn, as pictured below, on warm days around the town. To add a little intrigue to this relaxed, yet polished, look, try a smokey eye and floral accessories to go with 🙂

girl wearing floral back pack and white beach sweater
Floral back pack and beach sweater

So don’t fret about the ever impending chance of snow – smiles are in blossom, for summer is the once in ten month jewel :p

Warm regards,


À Paris?

The sun is shining, here in the prairies, and so is the urge to leave work and the kids behind and embrace a summer abroad! Just kidding. I don’t have kids. Seriously though, am I the only one who is having trouble keeping the travel bug at bay as of late? I am finding this especially difficult, this season, as it seems every storefront is beckoning my name with a window display of European inspired trends. This may not be a bad thing, however… As they always say, if you can’t go to Paris, bring Paris to you 🙂

Girl in Drape Long Jacket
Drape Long Jacket – Click to Buy

One item that peaked my interest, this week, on Farminista, was this coy looking, tan coloured, wrap trench. Although one can only do so much to make home feel like a romantic European get-away, this piece did not disappoint when searching for that je ne sais quoi to spice up my wardrobe 🙂 This little baby has all the charms. With its sweet pinkish hue and gentle folds, this trench had me feeling like a café sippin Parisienne in minutes. As pictured above, this piece can definitely take on a formal appearance, as well as a more casual feeling, depending on how you choose to accessorize. It can easily be donned as the central focus of your daytime look and shifts seamlessly into the perfect throw over for a summer night out.

vintage inspired, heart shaped earrings in a tea cup
Vintage inspired, heart shaped earrings in a tea cup

So why not jazz things up a little? Whether your plan for the day involves “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe” and a stroll down the famous “Montmartre” or simply an evening on Broadway, this chique little item is sure to add some spice to your look 😉

À bientôt,


P.s. For extra spice…


Spring Maxi: Two Ways

Yellow Clutch

Spring is in the air, here in the prairies, but if you’re anything like me, you may still need that little boost of excitement to get you through what’s left of winter’s reign. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, that’s where shopping comes in! Here, at Tonic, Farminista’s sister boutique in the heart of Sk, we’re putting winter behind us by stepping into some of our favourite light fabrics and fun, fresh prints in order to welcome the lightness of spirit that comes in hand with spring. SO it’s time to rebelliously don our favourite pair of loafers and daytime dresses to prepare for the sunny days ahead!


One of my favourite looks from this week, is this soft and versatile maxi dress! This cute little baby’s biggest asset is definitely its ability to be dressed up or down.  As pictured in the look above, adding a hat or printed scarf (or both!) is a fun way to give your look a more relaxed vibe while still maintaining the allure behind this lengthy, frame-enhancing piece.

striped maxi dress on girl
Accessories can change up your look.

For a more classic look, a pop of colour is the way to go! This clean-cut denim jacket, with carefully chosen accessories, is your best friend when aiming to jazz things up!

Yellow Clutch
Bright accessories add some “fun” to any outfit!
Yellow statement necklace
Yellow Makes A Statement!

This dress’ comfy fit is perfect for evenings spent in the studio, when painting or working on a print, and is easy for me to dress up quick when heading out, afterwards, for a night out on the town! Whether you’re catching your favourite band or spending the evening with friends at a cute local lounge, this little maxi will always have your back 😉

So join in the fun and don’t be shy! Spring is just around the corner…