Wedding Shower Blitz

A time to celebrate the beauty of a soon to-be bride! The Tonic girls and I worked together to create the perfect wedding shower for one of our own. The ideal mix of fabulous food, decorations, and company create the greatest shower experience.

Wedding Shower Shenanigans

The Farminista Garden Party Collection, has the perfect dress for any bridal shower!

Being a baker myself, my go-to contribution to most events are my signature mini cupcakes! Knowing that the Bride’s colour palate for her wedding included champagne, I challenged myself to create a champagne flavoring for the butter cream icing.

Champagne Butter-cream  The result was as yummy as ever! They tied into the expertly designed decor to help create an atmosphere of celebration, love and excitement that truly expresses all of the feelings of warmth and happiness that surrounds a soon-to-be bride.

Can we just talk about how beautiful this royal blue Dex dress is?! Designed in Canada, this simple, yet elegant cut of the dress is perfect for a shower, wedding, or fancy date.

Champagne Cupcakes

Back to cupcake bliss! I used  basic vanilla cupcake recipe I found on Pinterest. Click below to view the recipe I used!

Some important things to keep in mind when attempting to bake a vanilla cupcake is that vanilla cupcakes are less durable in comparison to my indestructible chocolate cupcakes. Typically when I bake chocolate cupcakes I grease the pan before I put the wrappers in, just to make it easier to pop them out after they are fully baked. With the vanilla darlings, I ended up burning my first batch because the grease burned to the pan, and destroyed the bottoms of my babies. Turning the heat down and prolonging the baking time saved my future vanilla batches. Considering I can whip up a dozen chocolate cupcakes in my sleep, I found this occasion the perfect time to hone into my creative side.

To make the butter cream icing taste like champagne I decided to boil the champagne on the stove top, in hopes of thickening it up and making it easier to blend into the mixture. I blended icing sugar into the stove top champagne concoction.

Champagne Butter Cream Icing:
2 cups butter
2 cups Crisco
5 cups powdered sugar 6 T pink champagne (or to taste)
2 T strawberry daquirri drink mixer
dash of Karo syrup

Potluck Party Food

The only thing that goes with great food, is great company! Seeing how the shower was for one of our very own, the occasion doubled as a mini reunion.

Tonic Love

Working with women you love and enjoy being around them makes my day at work worth it. We share a common bond through our love for fashion and making other women feel good about themselves in their clothes. The life lessons I have learned throughout my two years here at Tonic have made me a better person all around.



We wish the beautiful bride Kelsi and her new husband Garret a lifetime of happiness filled with love. Cheers! XOXO

The Perfect Summer Potluck

Summertime just speaks to me! I find myself itching to be outside enjoying some cool drinks and good snacks with friends and family. This summer-like weather screams POTLUCK to a gal like me. Throughout our long and chilly winter I found myself dreaming of warmer days and planning out “The Perfect Potluck.” To pull-off the perfect potluck it’s important to incorporate many different elements such as; food, drinks, activities, and most importantly, company.

Stirring up deliciousness
Stirring up deliciousness

When it comes to food it’s important to create a balance among the food being accumulated. It seems to me that any potlucks I have attended in my past have an overwhelming amount of desserts and salads, therefore lacking any main dishes. As a baker myself, I found it incredibly unsatisfactory to set my tray of customized cupcakes made from scratch next to a case of store-bought cookies. Fear not, I have a solution! Write down the necessary dishes you think will make the most well-rounded meal on slips of paper, and toss them into a hat. Go down the invite list and match each guest with a dish. Now for the most exciting aspect of the food portion of planning… Why not challenge each other to a “Pinterest Potluck?” This is an idea I’ve had for ages! Everyone must contribute a dish they found on Pinterest. Not only does this idea challenge your cooking skills, it also broadens your repertoire of recipes.

Have each guest write down their Pinterest dish on a recipe card and bring it to the potluck. In today’s modern times, it’s nothing to whip out a camera phone and snap a picture of the recipe to have for yourself. Have the guests leave their recipe cards with you, so that you can add it to your own recipe book, or perhaps scrapbook the event.

Preparing for a potluck in one of our favourite Farminista dresses!
Preparing for a potluck in one of our favourite Farminista dresses!

Depending on what time of day you choose to host your “Perfect Potluck,” serve drinks that will quench your guest’s thirst. Make sure to have water and a non-alcoholic beverage option available to your guests. Here, I’ll share one of my favourite go-to drinks I found on bubbly co.’s Facebook page!


What a riot this game is!! Having an interactive game that gets your guests involved and pushes them to express themselves in goofy ways makes for a guaranteed good time. I have participated in many late night “Time’s Up!” sessions, with all ages of groups, and everyone LOVES IT!

The Perfect Company for The Perfect Potluck
The Perfect Company for The Perfect Potluck- Find Dresses Here!

Another crazy idea of mine is to suggest that each guest bring a friend! Summertime is the perfect time to get to know new people! Who knows, even if they aren’t the greatest company, they may be a top-notch chef! Connecting with new people widens your social circle and allows you to explore new relationships!

Whatever your Perfect Potluck entails, make sure to take some chances and try out new things. Summer is a time to let loose and enjoy the little things in life. Be thankful for your friends, family, and personal achievements.

Dressing it up “à l’homme”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Ever been tempted to snoop through your man’s closet and see what’s up in the world of beards and khakis? Haha, ok, well maybe you haven’t, but, either way, now’s your chance… As of late, fashionable androgyny has been making its mark in my closet and is often the perfect ingredient for adding a degree of unpredictability to an otherwise tame ensemble. While there is something to be said for looking “pretty”, experimenting with traditionally masculine styles, to enhance the contrast of your look, rarely falls short of the best way to break the rules 😉


Crochet pencil-skirt and turquoise necklace available at
Crochet pencil-skirt and turquoise necklace available at

Because who’s not a fan of mixing things up?! Ok, only like half of society, I suppose. Nonetheless, I speak not in defense of conformity or all that jazz *cough cough* fashion nonsense we were taught to appreciate as kids. In this look, I have taken a white, crochet skirt (available on Farminista-here) and turquoise necklace, pairing them with a white men’s button-up (stolen, in actuality, from my sister’s closet), which I have knotted at the waist. While the skirt and accessories possess a more gentle appearance, adding menswear to the mix was an effortless means of  introducing a bold edge to this slightly audacious look 😉

So don’t feel as though you’re confined to a certain way of dressing, simply for the sake of tradition, be it gender related or merely the pressure to stick to old ways. Sometimes the best way to “get free” is to try something a little bit different 🙂





“Who Says It Has To Be Itsy Bitsy?” -Rey Swimwear

Rey Swimwear came onto the fashion scene in May of 2008, and since then, has been revolutionary in the swimwear department. We had a customer ask us to look into carrying the line for Tonic and Farminista and we fell in love with the designer and the fun photo shoots and videos we found!  This new company was so fantastic to work with and the quality of their designs are amazing!  Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s class, modesty, and style these swimsuits provide sufficient coverage and support to women of all sizes. Designer/former actress Jessica Rey saw a need to design a swimsuit that allowed women to be able to enjoy the beach, without stressing about falling out of a “itsy bitsy” bikini. Women deserve the right to feel confident in everything they wear, including  summer swimwear. No need to stress, the Rey Swimwear is designed with all sizes and shapes of women in mind.


Just unpacked yesterday, excitement filled the store as we priced, prepared, and set out three different styles of Rey Swimwear! Two of the three styles are two-piece swimsuits, and include boy cut bottoms adding better coverage.

The Marie in Candy Dots swimsuit includes a supportive halter top strap, flirty skirt, and boy cut bottoms.
The Marie in Candy Dots swimsuit includes a supportive halter top strap, flirty skirt, and boy cut bottoms.

The Marie in Candy Dots swimsuit combines the perfect navy blue coloured top, and pretty pink skirt on the bottom. The addition of polka dots adds an element of vintage flare to an already adorable swimsuit. The halter top strap helps to provide support for those of us that have a little more “up top.” The boy cut bottoms provide full coverage and leaves you confidently thinking “not today boys!”

Navy Blue and White Stripes on top compliment the fresh "Tropical Punch" coloured skirt.
Navy Blue and White Stripes on top compliment the fresh “Tropical Punch” coloured skirt. Click here for a closer look!

How fun are these colours?! This is my all time favourite swimsuit by Rey swimwear! I love the nautical theme with navy and white stripes going on up top, and the coral skirt on the bottom is so spunky! Like the Marie in Candy Dots, this swimsuit has a halter top strap and boy cut bottom. Maximum coverage, flirty style, and fabulous colour combinations, will make you standout this summer season.

This adorable combination of baby blue and tiny white polka dots are perfect. A contrasting pop of a red belt ties this look together!
This adorable combination of baby blue and tiny white polka dots are simply perfect. A contrasting pop of a red belt ties this look together!

You could be having as much fun as this girl (above) in our new bathingsuits! I don’t know about you, but knowing that I’m not going to be falling out everywhere in my swimsuit, makes me want to dive for that beach ball, cannonball into the pool, and have a three-legged race on the beach! This one-piece baby blue based swimsuit has pretty white polka dots and a popping red belt designed to hug your waistline. Take a closer look at it here on Farminista.

Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?

Like Jessica Rey’s motto, Tonic girls and I agree it doesn’t  have to be itsy bitsy to be sexy and fabulous! We think all women should feel comfortable and be able to be active in their swimwear. Happy sunbathing Dolls!

Size Chart 
XS 30-32 24-25 32
S 33-35 26-27 33-36
M 36-37 28-29 37-39
L 38-39 30-31 40-42
XL 40-42 32-34 42-44
1X 43-45 35-37 45-47

Birthday Girl


Usually Juli is behind the camera lens (Juli Labrecque Photography), she is full of life and creative energy, so it was so fun for us torture her just a little and sneak these pictures.  We (myself and Tammy, from Boehmer Photography) were working on a blog post for a new collaboration called Our Collective Muse and just happened to catch Juli shopping for a birthday dress.


Birthday girl in lovely maxi dress.

Check out our post on OCM for a closer look at her Birthday dress and her fun laid back style.


This is what else we found in the Birthday Girl’s change room, much of which went home with her ( thanks to her loving and most generous sister Lynn).


Click on the pictures to find out more about the clothes!

flower print skirt
flower print skirt with belt
summer tank top
floral print crochet detail tank top
noelle chrochet skirt
Noelle crochet skirt

Five Reasons To Love Maxi Mania


This is a maxi summer!

Goldie London Maxi Skirt

long and flowing dresses and skirts are the biggest trend, which is perfect for a prairie girl.  There are so many bright colours and prints to choose from this season, we can’t help but fall in love with attention grabbing bright silk prints and the shock of a gold sequin skirt for spring.

Dancing on the table with a long gold skirt.
Spring and summer looks

Some of the top reasons we love super long skirts and dresses.

1. They can be worn with wedges or flats.

2. They can be dressed up with a glittery top and oversized accessories, or dressed down with a t-shirt flip-flops.

3. They are great for layering, a denim jacket or kimono look amazing with a long skirt or dress.

4. They are memorable, a girl wearing a bright coloured maxi dress or skirt can’t go unnoticed walking into a crowded room.

Mix it up with casual denim on glitter.
Boho chic, long dresse’s and jumper’s paired with kimono’s.


5. You don’t have to shave your legs (joking, but not really :))