A Secret in White




With sweater weather fading into the sunset and summer well on its way, I’m again on the hunt to attribute a glow to my still peachy-white frame.. (I like to think of it as ivory, actually 😉 )

Now if Ultra UV orange is your jam, then by all means, hit up the tanning beds!! However, I would like to propose an at least somewhat more natural solution:

The White On White (the second “white” meaning all things pale).




Contrary to the likes of Nicole Polizzi and the popular notion of needing to be tanned (while theres’s certainly nothing wrong with a sun-kissed look), I like to think that there’s an equally attractive means to adorning and embracing your fair-skinned bod. The key to this is choosing hues unique to your outer shell 🙂

Lately, I’m finding that my favourite pillar, by far, in achieving this is delicate shades of alabaster and white. It would be no lie to say that it’s sometimes a struggle to find a subtly sexual, yet classy and fresh way of baring more skin in the summer. In light of this, look no further than our friends Athena and Helen of Troy for an elegant take on working the white. While allowing you to show a little more of what makes your body divine, soft hues of white imply purity and gentleness (and of course wisdom, elegance, charm, and the like 😉 ).







So forget the UV’s this summer and reward your skin with the freedom to keep its own porcelain glow.

Embrace your epidermis 😉


P.S. Special thanks to Matt Lowden Photography 🙂



The sultry smokey-eye: how to



Evening out or day on the go, the ever-celebrated smokey-eye is a sly fix when looking to intensify your gaze! Mastering the technique can also be a lot fun!

The catch alas – how to…

Brow game: INTENSE.
Brow game: INTENSE.


1. Apply a primer. Although the necessity of primers is often doubted, imma tell you now: it actually works. Not only will a primer make it so that you don’t have to touch up your eyes throughout the day AT ALL, a good primer can even extend the life of your look to the next day (“What?!!??!” I know) – perfect for still sleepers with early mornings!

2. Cover both the upper and lower lids in a medium brown, either matte or shimmery, with a medium sized brush. Make sure to pull the shadow all the way from the inside corner to outside, as pictured above, but not past the end of the brow.

3. Using a smaller brush apply a darker brown (or black if you’re feeling intrepid!) to the crease of your upper lid (just under where you feel the bone) and then down towards the lash line on only the outer edge. Then do she same along the lash line of the lower lid. Make sure to blend carefully, as sharp lines of shadow can create for a heavy or “painted-on” look.

4. With a clean and small brush, highlight the inner corner of the eyes and space just below the brows using either an ivory of gold. Remember though that a little goes a long way. Avoid applying a heavy frost, as the aim is just to highlight.

5. Liner. Oh liner. While liquids are great for achieving clean lines and a classic look, a smudge (pencil) liner is a girl’s best friend when conquering the smokey eye, as no one wants to end up looking like a racoon… or, worse yet, something from the 80’s. For this step, gently apply a black or deep brown pencil liner to both your upper and lower waterlines, bringing the line to a gentle point at the inner corner of the eye. Then, along the base of the lashes, as pictured above. For hooded eyes, however, avoid applying liner along the upper lashes except near the very outside edge of the lid. For this look, I still enjoy a slight wing on the outer edge of the eyes, but keep it subtle by gently smudging the liner up and out from the upper lash line, to create a soft and faded wing.

6. Finally, apply a layer or two of mascara to your upper lashes and possibly lower as well, depending on what kind of look you think works best with your eye shape. Applying mascara to the lower lashes will give the eye a rounder look, while leaving them bare will create a lengthening, more almond-shaped effect.

Tips! With the exception of mascara, always stick to high quality brands for your make up! I know, it’s like “but why?”. Be it lipsticks, shadows, or foundation, spending the extra buck will leave you with a longer lasting product which will also, likely, be gentler on your skin and posses a nicer texture. While drugstore brands are appealing, price-wise, they’ll always have you running back to the mirror for touch ups… or with liner smudged half-way down your face at a party. So put aside the extra doe and use sparingly, if need be! Less is often more when it comes to achieving a clean, sexy and sophisticated look! 😉