*Blooming Incentive*

This time of year can be dreary and glum, with the constant frost-bound chill of a prairies winter. Leaving some, if not most, of us in a state of “cabin fever”. Thankfully there is always the hope of warmer walks along the river, chilled beverages paired with sunshine and lighter layers of clothing as spring approaches.

With softer, more bright colors to choose from, our thoughts are motivated and perked up! Whether that be with fresh color panels, new wardrobes, different jackets and celebrating in no longer wearing thick leather gloves on our hands. Spring is continually a season that brings hope and cheer!

Photo - www.Pantone.com
Photo – www.Pantone.com

One of our favorite, spring inspired, color of the upcoming 2015 year is the Scuba Blue. With its vibrant and still soft appeal to the eyes, it gives an outfit life.


The color pairs well with any choice of neutral, allowing it to adapt, or renew your wardrobe. This dress works for both day life and work life. Coming from our “We Work” collection, the simple cut lines and subtle pattern are perfect for the office, desk, meetings, etc… As well, wear this to a summer wedding, a tea party, brunch with the ladies, on a flirty date, or simply to feel revived by the color!


Keep your eyes peeled for many of our new spring items coming in 2015!

And always remember that the chill can’t last forever, the sun must shine, the grass must grow, the river water will again start to flow. Our skin can once more feel the warmth, and in turn regain its glow!



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