Aurora Borealis: on The Prairies

The Aurora Borealis- also known as the Northern Lights- is one of nature’s most amazing displays of beauty. Almost everyone who lives on the prairies can recall seeing this amazing light show dancing in the sky whilst driving along the highway at night, or even dancing above our rooftops in the city.

Although the Northern Lights can be spotted year round, there is something extra special about watching them on a cold winter’s night. The farther North you go will also increase your chances of catching it- also, the darker the sky, the more vivid the colours.

Photograph by Dominic Chu
Photograph by Dominic Chu

If you are going to brave the cold and head out on your own Aurora Borealis adventure, don’t forget to dress for the weather. Layer up with leggings, thick socks, toques and mitts- one of our favorite layering pieces this season is the cape, which fits comfortably over top of any thick warm sweater.

Landscape Coat


If you are feeling inspired by the beautiful colours of the Northern Lights, dress to match! This tube scarf has a beautiful mountain-landscape like pattern with pops of light blue and pink.

Mountain Tube Scarf

Or, on your next night out, pay homage to the Northern Lights in this beautiful pastel coloured print dress.

Tree Flare Dress

The Northern Lights is just one of many little perks about living in Saskatchewan- truly the Land of the Living Skies.

Photograph by Brent Parkin
Photograph by Brent Parkin

Featured image at top of post from instagram: alijabos

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