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Finally it’s summer! Now I can wear a necklace without having to worry about it getting tangled up in my scarf or wear bracelets without the struggle of trying to get them through the sleeve of my coat. Freedom feels great my friends, and all this freedom inspires me to get creative by decorating my body with interesting jewelry. Here at Farminista we’ve discovered our new favourite jewelry designer who lives right here in Saskatchewan! Her brand is called Alexandra Kathlyn Accessories (also known as AKA) her pieces are unique and GORGEOUS! The bracelet my friend Christine is wearing in the above picture is one of Alex’s pieces, it’s simple yet rare. Now if you’re a wild gypsy at heart like myself than you are going to need a head chain for summer. It’s the perfect accessory that will help you achieve a fun boho look.




Statement necklaces like this antique one are also great because they can make a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit instantly go from 0-100 or make a simple dress look a more fancy. Although if you’re not all about the chunky monkey kind of necklace, than bracelets might be the way to go. A couple of layered bracelets will add a little extra pizzazz to an outfit, but they’re more subtle than a big necklace.



rsz_img_07092   img_0697[1]


Adornment doesn’t just involve jewelry either! Hats are a great way to add finishing touches to an outfit. Nothing’s better than the perfect floppy hat for summer, they look good and have a function; to make you look fab while protecting your face from the sun’s beams of radiant light.



With all that said, I hope this sparked a fire in your little creative heart to start getting innovative when accessorizing and try new things! Remember though, you don’t need a bunch of accessories to make yourself beautiful! You’re already beautiful just the way you are, accessories only add to your natural beauty they don’t create it. <3



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