A Pink Celebration: The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Wedding season is starting full throttle! Times of celebration, love, new relationships, community, and joyous gatherings fill my heart with much gladness!

092I love being able to witness two people coming together in the most unifying manner. Knowing that life together doesn’t actually mean it will be perfect, possibly the way we dreamed or fantasied it to be. But, it will be one of the most satisfying, enjoyable and cherished events in life. 091

When you are two becoming one, you open yourself up to experiences in life that cease to exist otherwise.

So to all you future brides out there… I hope and trust that as you experience preparations, anticipation, and the busyness of it all, you’ll be reminded you are giving yourself and allowing yourself to embark on one of lifes greatest unknown adventures!
Now past the little life talk…

Weddings! Dresses! Bridesmaids! Groom! And many other aspects! The decisions seem to never end.
Flowers are one of them for many weddings!

Which color scheme, how many, petite, rustic, bright, full and fragrant… The list really can go on for a while!  076 069 065
But the right dress, the right color and style of that dress – that seems to matter more; which in all fairness and reality, it should!

Being a past bride myself, I know that you want to feel beautiful, stunning, breath taking! You want to be the best looking one, along with, but slightly better looking than, the groom!

086Now after your mom finally finds the perfect `Mother of the Bride` dress, you must focus on your long time, trusted and loved friends – your bridesmaids!

088Because they are your dear-to-heart, trouble-making, late night, partying, wine and cheese dining gals… They must look ravishing. Illuminating you, as they stand beside you in your even more dominant and radiant gown!

081This creatively crafted fuchsia J.O.A. designed dress will do the trick!

The dress shines boldly with it`s vibrant color and unique straps!

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