Sweet Winter.

flourless cake

Prairie winters can be long. Prairie winters can be cold. That’s when it’s time to turn on the oven and get baking! My favourite cookbook as of late is Flourless, by Nicole Spiridakas. It’s decadent, it’s allergy friendly, and it’s FULL of oh-so-tasty ideas.


This pear chocolate cake has great potential to get you through the winter blues. Take a trip to the farmer’s market to find those perfectly ripe pears, and a lovely little carton of local eggs, and you’re set!



The sliced pears look so fresh and delicious placed in the cake batter!


Once it’s out of the oven, it’s perfect for snacking on as you cozy up for some online shopping! (Have you seen the Sail Away collection on Farminista’s online store? This cute dress is making me long for warmer weather!) Topped with a little whipped cream, this cake will get you through any winter blues.


flourless5 Happy Baking!


Farminista`s Motivational Morning Muffins!

Every morning I wake up and want to treat myself to a somewhat healthy, nutritious, but also a scrumptious type of breakfast. I either find myself at a cross road between: Oatmeal Crisp Vanilla Almond, a bowl of fruit over Greek Yogurt, Ancient Grains toast with honey, or caving completely and indulging in homemade waffles and cinnamon sauce! Those grandma’s know how to pass down a legacy in the kitchen!


But then again, so does Google! ( http://bit.ly/1I8w1gT ) I have made these most tasty muffins on a few occasions to fix my morning hunger craving. While still keeping peace of mind that I’m feeding my body something balanced.

Table Spread

unnamed (1)


It’s the perfect spectrum for taste buds. Some subtle cinnamon, the hint of crunch, juicy and moist, the slight sweetness of coconut and ideally the right amount of apple! For myself, I add natural coconut sugar in replacement of white sugar. I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but I do love a good coconut flavor! There are a few staple ingredients that I add to almost everything: cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and sometimes nutmeg. For these muffins I added in the ginger and nutmeg myself, and a little more vanilla than called for!

unnamed (2)

Morning Glory Muffins

Happy Muffin Making – And feel good about what you eat to start your day!

Prairie Bohemian Style

prairie_bohemianWhat does bohemian mean to you?



Do you think of artists, musicians or free spirited people?  We think of bohemian style as a relaxed, layered look, girls who like to take their favourite dress and pair it with a sweater, scarf or even add a kimono, or vest or crochet sweater and lots of accessories.





Desiree Martin has been taking pictures of friends and family for years, she put together this shoot with a few of her favourite creative friends. But also does weddings and other important occasions.  Because she grew up in the country she has an eye for natural beauty and that little sparkle you see in the bohemian girls eye that shows she’s just not like every other girl.


Growing up in the fashion industry and being surrounded by artists gave her the vision to create a bohemian mood in this stunning prairie environment.


We have long, cold winters, so when the hot prairie sun is out we spend as much time outside as possible.  To make a little shade for a picnic or a nap like we did use an old curtain or tablecloth, pack some snacks and your favourite drink and make some memories to get you through the next winter.  Oh, and don’t forget your guitar!



girlstruck2Make sure you add a little prairie bohemian to your wardrobe this spring, super soft and flowing fabric in neutral colours and interesting prints and just a few of your favourite bracelets and necklaces to spice it up, check out our bohemian collection on Farminista.




Escape Winter?

I guess we complain about winter a little these days, it’s hard to enjoy anything outside when there is a wind chill warning and a huge seat sale on WestJet.  In just a few short hours you can be on a beach, (you have to bring an extra suitcase just for your parka, you will need it when you get out of the airport) a few days in the sun can make you face the rest of winter with a smile.  We found the perfect winter night in L.A. on the Santa Monica Pier.

DSCF8138 copyA little walk on the beach is soo much sweeter when you know your friends are home shoveling their driveway.  DSCF8146 copyIt’s the perfect night for our favourite maxi dress and a thin kimono.

DSCF8135 copyThe best part about leaving the beach at night is knowing you can go to the farmers market in the morning!DSCF8177 copy

DSCF8042 copyDSCF8081 copyDSCF8125 copyNothing like an iced latte from Shortcake L.A. to start the day.  Since our winter jackets are taking up precious luggage space a bright shirt works perfectly over this maxi dress for a day at The Grove.

DSCF8101 copyThanks to Kelsi for the great weekend and to our photographer….DSCF8200 copy



Winter Glam


These girls are used to freezing in the snow to get the perfect picture.   They are from Mes Amis studio and do what it takes to make their clients happy, little did we know they like to have fun posing in front of the camera as well!

LuxeThe best fashion advice in this kind of climate is always to over dress, not only does it make you “pop” in a white environment, but it’s also practical as it keeps you warm.  Dresses can be worn with leggings or thick tights and boots.  Palazzo pant rompers are perfect for a winter wedding when paired with the right heels and a warm hat. Accessories make a huge impact and add a little extra sparkle just like the snow.  Our Luxe Collection was created to make you feel special and oh so luxurious, a little sparkle, fur and leather are the beginning.  They are the base we start with to create a glamorous look that helps make the long winter fly by!

Oh, by the way, these lovely ladies happen to have a few kiddos tucked warmly inside watching their mom’s play in the snow.


*Blooming Incentive*

This time of year can be dreary and glum, with the constant frost-bound chill of a prairies winter. Leaving some, if not most, of us in a state of “cabin fever”. Thankfully there is always the hope of warmer walks along the river, chilled beverages paired with sunshine and lighter layers of clothing as spring approaches.

With softer, more bright colors to choose from, our thoughts are motivated and perked up! Whether that be with fresh color panels, new wardrobes, different jackets and celebrating in no longer wearing thick leather gloves on our hands. Spring is continually a season that brings hope and cheer!

Photo - www.Pantone.com
Photo – www.Pantone.com

One of our favorite, spring inspired, color of the upcoming 2015 year is the Scuba Blue. With its vibrant and still soft appeal to the eyes, it gives an outfit life.


The color pairs well with any choice of neutral, allowing it to adapt, or renew your wardrobe. This dress works for both day life and work life. Coming from our “We Work” collection, the simple cut lines and subtle pattern are perfect for the office, desk, meetings, etc… As well, wear this to a summer wedding, a tea party, brunch with the ladies, on a flirty date, or simply to feel revived by the color!


Keep your eyes peeled for many of our new spring items coming in 2015!

And always remember that the chill can’t last forever, the sun must shine, the grass must grow, the river water will again start to flow. Our skin can once more feel the warmth, and in turn regain its glow!